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Monday, 22 January 2018

I finally got my hands on the foundation everyone was talking about

I purchased this foundation absolutely ages ago and I've only just managed to sit down and actually talk about this. Browsing the ASOS website I was glad to see that they were selling products from the brand names 'The Ordinary' which haven't been around for that long. Every time I tried to buy some foundation, my shade was never in stock which did leave me a bit on the disgruntled side. Eventually, I found that the shade that I wanted was finally in stock and I ended up pouncing whilst I had the chance.

When finding my ideal shade, it was pretty much a stab in the dark because I just had to go off the photo that ASOS had uploaded along with the other photos. I obviously know that I am pale but it was a bit difficult choosing which pale I am i.e. pale with pink undertones or pale with yellow undertones. When it comes to foundation, I'm no expert but I would say that I have pink undertones. I think a lot of the foundations on sale at your local drugstore have yellow undertones because the majority of them, don't suit me. 

I opted for the shade 1.1 P Fair and I have to say that I am pretty impressed with how close it is to my actual skin colour. It isn't 100% spot on, I would say that I'm 80% spot on. If I had to pick another shade, I would probably choose 1.1 N. I wouldn't go any lighter than the shade I've already got. The skin colour of my neck is so incredibly pale and about a year ago, i managed to find a shade that actually matched my neck...but it made me look a corpse. Finding a foundation that was too light for my skin, I thought was completely impossible but nope, there is a shade out there that is too light for me! 

The foundation comes with a pump which makes application a lot easier. I find that I struggle to get foundation out having said that, it only releases a small amount per pump. The foundation is very liquid-y and I mean very liquid - y. It pretty much comes out like water! I imagine that if you had very oily skin, this foundation wouldn't be well suited with you. I can imagine it slipping right off your face! It could be worth trying the foundation but as a coverage foundation. 

Cover wise, it does a pretty good job. I'd say it's between light and medium, the coverage. I'm fortunate enough, to not really need a high coverage foundation as my skin is in good condition. The only thing that I dislike about the skin on my face is that on my left cheek, I have a small red patch which stands out on my face. A lot of the foundations I've tried over the years don't really cover it but this one does a good job! Again, it might be worth trying this foundation but as the coverage foundation if you want more coverage (I've yet to try that one.) This foundation is a bit like a tinted moisturiser which I think will be extremely ideal during the warmer months! 

Shade wise, for us pale people, I think we have a good selection to choose from but for people with darker skin...I'm not so sure. There doesn't seem to be a lot of shades for darker skins but hopefully they're working on some shades.

Price wise, you only pay £6 which I think is ammaaaaazzing. Despite it having a few tiny faults, I can't really complain that much about them considering the price of it. I have a feeling this foundation will be the one that I keep going back to unless I find one that I like much more. If you're on a bit of a budget then I highly suggest this foundation or if you're just starting out with makeup then I think this foundation would be a good place to start. 

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