Pixi Eye Shadow Palette First Impressions

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

New Year, new eye shadow

If you asked me a few years back, what my favourite makeup product was, I would of said mascara and whilst I still love mascara, my new favourite makeup product is eye shadow and that's because with most palettes, you can create whattevvvveeerrrr style you want. And I love that. 

A while back, I was browsing my local M&S store (yes, I love M&S now, I think I'm officially old now) and found this Pixi eye shadow reduced in the clearance section. Now, a while back on my blog, I stated that Pixi was a brand that I wanted to explore more of and I haven't really got round to doing it but that's only because I have other things on mind. But seeing as I can't really say no to a bargain, I threw it into my basket and headed straight to the checkout. 

I'm trying really hard to use up all my makeup before purchasing anything new and I find that eye shadow palettes take aggresses to use up. On one hand, it's a good thing because I'm saving money as I'm not having to go out and constantly buy more eye shadow palettes but on the other hand, I'm failing really bad at trying to use up all my makeup before buying anything new and just buying whatever I want when I want. 

I haven't really used much of this palette as I want it to be one that I wear when I'm doing something 'special'. You know, like a Friday night palette or a 'I'm feeling really low at the moment and only makeup can feel me ten times better right now' kinda palette, get it?

I've used about five of the shades at the moment and all of them have been pretty decent. They're very pigmented so you don't need that much of on your brush, plus, there isn't a lot of fall out which is amazing  as there's nothing worse than applying away too much eye shadow onto one eye lid. All the shades that I've used so far are v. pretty aannnddd a lot of them compliment each other which means you can play around with this palette as much as you like! Out of all the shades that I've tried, I have to say that Getaway is probably my favourite shade - it goes so well with the shade Brick.

If I had to mention a downside, it would probably have to be the fact that it isn't really travel friendly but aside from that, I can't really complain. Apart from that though, I can't really fault it as the shades are beautiful, they're very pigmented, there's no fall out and with the right kind of primer, they can look good all day long.


  1. This palette looks soooo pretty :D


    1. Ahhhh I know! I'm loving all the colours so far! x


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