December Empties

Monday, 15 January 2018

Wahheeyyy, this post is well overdue. December was pretty hectic for me so I didn't really get the time to sit and enjoy blogging. Even when I did find the time to blog, I thought it was best for me to spend some time with my family instead and to be honest, Christmas for me is all about spending time with loved ones, oh - and the food. But enough of Christmas as it was literally last year and now we've all got a whole new year to look forward to. I've been doing these empties post for a while now and couldn't bring myself to stop doing them. I guess it's better late than never!

First thing I want to quickly talk about is one of my favourite shampoo which is the juicy green apple by Alberto Balsam. The scent is my favourite thing about this shampoo, if they made it this scent into a candle or into a perfume then I would probably run out to the nearest shop to buy it.

Next thing up is the L'Oreal Infallible 24 hour matte foundation. I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with this foundation. It wasn't exactly my skin colour, it was a tad bit dark for me even though it was the latest shade and it wasn't a full coverage foundation even though I'm pretty sure it claimed to be but on the other hand, I really liked how it looked on my skin. If they bought out a shade that actually matched my skin colour then I'd probably go out and repurchase is but I'm on a quest to find an amazing foundation which is actually my skin colour and has good coverage.

During the winter months, I was burning the Fairy Dust candle by Lily Flame and it isn't the first time that I've used this candle. I was given one for my birthday last year (same scent) and I actually really enjoyed it. Despite it being such a tiny candle, the scent was strong (I didn't find it overpowering but I could understand if some people did) and was able to fill my entire bedroom with it's gorgeous scent. They are on the pricey side but I think if you know a candle lover then I'd totally recommend looking at their website for some ideas!

A product that I bought last winter was the tea tree and witch hazel body spray. I have a lot of spots on my shoulders and back and in the summer, I get a bit self conscious about them. Not so much during the winter because I can easily hide them with a big fluffy jumper but during the summer when I'm wearing t shirts, I admit that I do get a bit embarrassed by them. I used it mostly during the winter to try and get rid of them before the summer and it did work a tiny bit but the only thing that put me off using them was that I hated waiting for it to dry on my skin before I got dressed and during the winter, I was freeeeezing!

The final thing that I used up last year, is the TRESemme wave creating foam. I love wavy/curly hair, it's one of my favourite hair styles and I try and give myself curly/wavy hair whenever I can. Due to my big moon head, I don't really suit having straight hair as it makes me look like a horse and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me. Whenever I got out the shower, I would wait till my hair was slightly damp and then add a few squirts of this into my hair and scrunch it in and it would create a lovely wavy hairstyle. The scent was also pretty delicious too! Which is one reason why I like using TRESemme hair products, they all smell amazing.


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