Why 2017 Was An Amazing Year

Sunday, 31 December 2017

I've been doing these blog posts for about three years now and I love writing them out. They take me absolutely ages to do but I don't mind because it gives me a chance to reflect on the year I've just had. 2017 has been such a good year for me but I'll be honest, 2016 was better. I just happened to do a lot more that year but this year, I decided to crack down on my savings. If life goes the way I want it to, I'm planning on moving out in three years time, in three years I'll be 25 and hopefully getting on with life. But enough of that, here's why 2017 was an amazing year for me.


All the way back at the start of the month, my boyfriend and I decided we needed a mini break from the hectic Christmas we both had. Cardiff is pretty much next door to us so we thought it was a great place for us to go, plus, we both love it there. We spent two nights in Cardiff and for those three days it was really jam packed. We didn't really stop but that's how we like to roll. 


February is my birthday month! This year I celebrated turning twenty two and I actually wasn't worried or nervous about getting a year older. I did go away for my birthday up to Manchester but like the absolute donut I am, I forgot my memory card for my camera. 
Also, in February, I tried to read 30 books within the year but failed miserably. 


March was a bit of a boring month for me as not much really happened. March was the month that I did start to run and I was doing it weekly for a while but then I suddenly stopped doing it which is a shame because I wanted to look after my body a lot more. I think for my New Year's Resolution I'm going to treat my body and mind with a lot more respect.
Another thing that happened in March, was that Ed Sheeran released his album!! I was over the moon when I found that he was releasing another album. He is hands down one of my favourite artists out there.


April was a pretty cool month for me because I managed to get tickets for Ed Sheeran! It was the second time that I had seen Ed Sheeran and was pretty excited to see him play in a smaller arena than Wembley (that's where I saw him the first time) as it felt a lot more intimate. He's an amazing performer and if you ever get the chance to see him then I would totally recommend you do so!


Another boring month, all I did was work so I can't really talk about much in this section!


June was the month were my boyfriend and I ventured out to Oxford. It's been yeeeaarrsss since I last went to to Oxford! All I can remember from our day out was that it was soooo hot. It must of been the hottest day of the year because it was boiling. The train ride home was ridiculous because everyone was just sweating and it was gross. Ew. But still, we had a great time out and I'm very happy with how the photos came out!


Weymouth was our monthly destination in July. As you can see from the photos above, the weather was miserable. Completely different to how the weather was in Oxford! The weather didn't ruin our plans though, we still had a good day out and spend the day well.


I spent a week with my family and boyfriend up north in August and it was just so nice to have over a week off work to do absolutely nothing. I loved it. It was also nice to spend some quality time with my family as I hardly get to see them. We spent the week by traveling to Manchester, Blackpool, the Lake District and Yorkshire. 


September is one of my favourite months because it's when everyone goes back to school and there's a slight drop in the weather. September doesn't really signify anything to me anymore seeing as I'm not involved with education anymore but I still enjoy it. For me, and I know it sounds sad but it really is the countdown till Christmas. I actually listen to a lot of Christmas songs in September! Which I do end up regretting because I end up losing the Christmas spirit, even on Christmas Eve. 


Again, October is one of my favourite months because this is when things do get chilly but apart from that, the weather isn't that bad. Oh and I really like when the evenings start getting darker earlier. 


During November, my boyfriend and I spent a few days in Cardiff and I would love to show some of the photos but I want to keep my private life as private as possible!


I finally got the chance to visit Winter Wonderland this year!!! Ahh, I thought it was amazing and loved every second of it - even if it was extremely expensive. I'm hoping that I can make it into a yearly thing and go every year!

So that was my year in review. I'm typing this up on Boxing Day and I'm currently on my own in my house and to be honest, I really like being on my own at the moment. I worked seven days in a row and in those days some shifts were busy plus I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so I like having time on my own and just using this time to recharge my batteries. I hope you've all had an amazing 2017, and here's to 2018! Bring it on!


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