Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Friday, 22 December 2017

On the 17th, I really was walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland was a place that I desperately wanted to visit. I tried to had to go last year but due to my boyfriend's work place, he couldn't get the time off work. This year, however, we both managed to get time off to visit. We had a great time and couldn't really fault it, although it was very, very pricey but it wasn't that surprising considering we were in London. 

Weather wise, we were extremely lucky. As you can see from the photos, there wasn't a cloud in the sky! Normally in December, the weather is awful,it's just grey and miserable but luckily, the weather was on our side.

Whilst at Winter Wonderland, we bought tickets for the giant wheel, the ice sculptures and the bar ice. We enjoyed all of them and I suggest getting tickets for all of them - especially the bar ice! It was cool. Sorry. 

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos in the bar ice but even if I did remember, it would of been an absolute faff due to the massive gloves they give you to wear. At the bar ice, your given a token for a free cocktail which is pretty good.

The magical ice kingdom is something else that you have to see when you visit Winter Wonderland. The sculptures are absolutely breathtaking, it must of taken months and months to sculpt all that ice! Be sure to wrap up warm before entering as it gets very cold! 

The final thing I would recommend you go on is the giant wheel. As I said before, we were gifted with such good weather that when we got to the top of the wheel, we could see the London skyline. I do think at night it would be just as good seeing the skyline and all the pretty lights in Winter Wonderland.

I would love to go back to Winter Wonderland, I can't really fault it - apart from it being hella expensive. The only tip I would give to people is to buy tokens right before you go on the rides (we bought in a bulk go and ended up not using all of them.) And if I had to recommend a ride to go on, it would probably be the Wild Mouse XXL (it's German) as that was pretty scary. Like, my eyes started to cry whilst we were on it. 

So despite it being on the expensive side, I am planning on going back next year. At least I have from now until December 2018 to save my money. Ha.


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