Let's Talk About Something Gross (Because Periods Are Gross, Right?)

Thursday, 7 December 2017

A completely different kind of blog post for you all today

Periods. Some of us get them, some of us don't. I want to write a blog post for the people that do get them. They suck. They're awful. They're a pain (literally.) But guess what, some of us have to deal with them. 

I was doing some research on the internet a few weeks back when I found the TOTM website. It stands for time of the month fyi. TOTM is a brand that has been mentioned in a few magazines and they want to bring light to the fact that a lot of tampons and sanitary towels on the market aren't actually they good for our bodies. Apparently they contain a lot of chemicals which our bodies can absorb and I don't know about you but I don't want any chemicals entering my body.

TOTM have created their own brand of saniatry towels, tampons and other products which are 100% natural. They don't contain any chlorine or perfumes. Not only are they all 100% natural but every purchase you make, they donate 10p to Gynaecological Cancer Fund.

Whilst on the website, I decided to make two purchases so I could use them for um, well next time I need to use the products. I decided to go for tampons and pads to wear at night time as I try and not always wear tampons during the night.

The pricing for the tampons ranges from £2.70 to £3.10 and the price increases on the size of the tampon. So the box of tampons I bought cost me £3.10. The pricing of the pads ranges from £3.30 to £3.50. A bonus that I did forget to mention is that it's free delivery to any UK house if you order two or more products so seeing as I bought two products, I was able to get free delivery. 

Another bonus is that you can either do a one off payment, which I did because I wanted to see how well these products worked and I will probably do another blog post about it in the near future letting you all know how I get on with the products. But, you can also pay regularly and get all your essentials delivered to your door monthly and you can cancel any time you'd like! You choose the products you'd like to receive monthly and you also choose between how many days you'd like to wait before getting your next order i.e 24 days, 28 days. Which is something that I'm interested in doing but first I need to see how well I get on with these products but like I said before, I will be writing another blog post in the near future to see how I get on with them!

If you're interested in looking at the TOTM website, then please click HERE.


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