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Monday, 13 November 2017

At my place of work, I have to have my hair tied up so on a day to day basis, so it does look quite boring, however there are some days when I'm feeling myself and actually put in some effort with my hair. One of my favourite "I'm feeling myself" hair do's is to have a high ponytail with curly/wavy hair. I'll create curly/wavy hair by using my curling wand which is the Remington CI96W1 Silk Curling Wand. Obviously both curling wands and irons are designed to curl your hair but the difference between the two is that a curling iron has a clasp which create a more polished look and a curling wand has no clasp and creates more of a natural curl.

I enjoy using my Remington curling wand but I do find having to use both hands to create curls a bit tricky so I reckon that a curling iron will be much better suited for me. Although I will say that the curls and waves that it gives me a pretty good plus, I can't fault the cord as it can twist round so you can move around a lot which makes it handy when curling all of your hair!

I was recently contacted by the lovely Lauren who told me about an article which she thought I would find interesting - and I totally did! The article is about curling wands/irons and putting a few of them through a thorough test - and I mean thorough! It was so interesting to read about which curling tools they found to be the most effective. The article mentions four different curling tools which they found to be the best out of the fourteen they tried. The four categories are: most versatile, most versatile runner up, best for achieving natural waves and best for automating your curl routine.

I will pop the link to the reviews at the bottom of this blog post but I just wanted to highlight a few things on here that I found interesting. Here are a few things that I found interesting:

To prevent your hair from frizzing it's best to use a really good conditioner to make sure that your hair is really smooth before you begin.

Another thing you must do before you begin to curl your hair is to make sure that it's 100% dry before curling. Curling your hair whilst wet can cause some serious damage to your  hair. I know this sounds pretty obvious but I had a friend who use to straighten her hair whilst it was soaking wet!! I can still remember the sound it would make when she straightened her hair!

To protect your hair from damage you must always use a heat protector and let it completely dry before curling your hair

There is actually a right way to fold your cord once your finished with it. Apparently you're suppose to wrap the cord the way it comes in the package and NOT around the handle (which I'm guilty of doing) as this will result in the cord fraying.

If your hair won't hold it's curl then add some sea salt spray and let it dry before styling.  

We all know that too much heat can damage our hair so it's best to set your curling tool to the lowest temperature and gradually increase the temperature until you get your desired curl/wave. The lower the temperature the less damage it will do to your hair.

Seeing as it's coming up to Christmas, I thought it would be a good idea to share this link with you because I thought some of my readers my know someone who wants a new curling iron for Christmas or maybe you want for yourself and you're not sure which one you want to go for. I've personally got my eye on the Anjou 1 inch curling iron! 

If you are interested in reading about all these different curling wands/irons then please click here! It's extremely informative and the article goes into a lot of depth about the products.

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