My Thoughts & Opinions On The Zoella Scam

Saturday, 18 November 2017

I just wanted to share with you all my thoughts and opinions about what's recently happened

Okay so for the past week, things have pretty much blown up on Twitter for Zoella and I have to say, I kinda feel sorry for her. There are two things I wanted to talk about in this blog post and that is: the £50 calendar and the tweets. I've been itching to write this blog post ever since I found out about this scam but I haven't really found the time do so but here I am now, sat in my bedroom with my pjs on, candles lit and the fairy lights on. 

I just want to clarify that I'm not defending Zoe, I've been following Zoella for a good few years now and as I've grown older, I don't feel the need to 'protect' or to  'stand up' for my favourite artists, actors or what have you.

So for starter, yes, I do think that £50 for a calender is a lot of money and I personally wouldn't  buy it myself and to be honest, I would probably be a tad bit disappointed if I did buy it for myself as the items within the calendar don't really scream £50 to me. 

One thing that bugs me is that people are saying "you're spending £50 on a calendar that only has 12 days in it! There's more than 12 days in December!" To clear things up, the calendar is named The 12 Days of Christmas calendar and the first day of the twelve days of Christmas starts on the 25th of December and will run through to the 5th of January (I'm assuming that how it works because to have a calendar with 12 doors to open on the 1st of December makes no sense to me) but thank you for pointing out that there are more than twelve days in December. 

Another thing that I would like to point out is that there are loads of people saying that Zoella is exploiting and scamming children because they're begging their parents to go out and buy the calendar for them. This sort of bothers me because number one: no one said anything about her other products that she's released being a scam (I still think that £50 is a lot for a calendar, I just want to remind you of that) and number two: people have so so so so much to say about this calendar being an absolute rip off but these people fail to point out that every day things are a complete rip off. For example, do you really think that a box of tampons/sanitary towels cost £3? No, they probably cost a lot less but because these massive companies  know that people out there need to buy these things, they're going to make as much money as possible for them. The same applies to nappies, all these brands that make these nappies know full well that every single child needs nappies and they go though a lot so what do they do? They bump up the price. We all know that we need to practice safe sex, so what do these companies do? They bump up the price. The same goes for cigarettes, these companies know that there are people out there who can't/won't give up smoking and will try and squeeze every penny out of them. Can you see where I'm coming from? The second these big companies and brands know that something will sell, they're going to completely bump the price up. So what I believe is that Boots know that teens and children nowadays are completely obsessed with Zoella and will pester (it's called pester power by the way!!!) their parents into buying these sorts of things.

So let's move onto those tweets that have been dug up from the past

Again, I want to say, I'm not defending what Zoe has said in the past but I want to emphasise the word 'past'. 

So a few tweets have been dug up from Zoe's timeline and these tweets stem back to about 7/8 years ago and I just want to first say whoever did find those tweets must of scrolled a long way down to actually find them. Now, a lot of people are standing up for Zoe (which I'm not by the way, I just wanted to give my input on it all. Because having access to the internet = having a right to voice my opinion on anything and everything, right?) and saying that these tweets happened all these years ago and people do change. We do, it's a fact. We grow up and learn from our mistakes. What bothers me is a lot of people are saying "ummmmm well Zoe was in her 20s a 7/8 years ago so she should of known better." For me personally, that's not what the people who are defending are saying. What I feel like all these other people are saying is that, we all mature and each year we learn more and evolve into who we are suppose to be. Yes, in your twenties, you should know better than to say those things but for me as a twenty two year old looking back at when I was 18 (when I was legally classed as an adult) I said some stupid things that I wouldn't be saying now. I've matured in how I look, the way I talk, they way I think about things. Looking back at when I was 16 I did and said some stupid things that I wouldn't say/do now. Why? Because that was 6 years ago (I actually had to count on my fingers to work that out) and in 6 years I am a brand new person. The things that I have liked, disliked and loved have changed. The people I liked, disliked and loved have changed. 

Once again, I'm not defending or justifying what Zoe has said/done.

We all say things that we regret whether it's out of spite, anger or ignorance

Another thing that is bothering me is that the names and words that are being used to describe Zoe is absolutely disgusting. Sometimes I think that people completely forget that once it's on the internet then it's there forever. Even if you've deleted it, there could potentially be one or two people out there that have read what you wrote. To be honest, the words and names which are being use to describe Zoe is what has shocked me the most out of all of this.

But out of all of this, the one thing that has completely riled me up is the fact that Zoe has apologized for the price of the calendar and for the tweets all those years ago and people just brush the apology under the carpet. The one thing that I cannot stand in life is when people make a mistake or doing something silly or whatever and then get called out for it, they then go onto apologize but the other person won't accept the apology. To make someone feel guilty for something after a sincere apology, in my opinion is an extremely cruel thing to do. What's the point in calling someone out if you want nothing to do with their apology? But that's just me, each to their own.

So like I said, I'm not defending Zoe nor am I trying to justify what she's done in the past. I just wanted to write this blog post to share my thoughts and opinions on it. Yes, I do think that £50 is a lot of money for a calendar but I wouldn't pay that price for any kind of calendar. Yes, those tweets she tweeted all those years back, weren't very nice or politically correct but like I said, humans make mistakes, learn from them and move on. It's what we do. 

If, however, Zoe was still making calendars worth £50 or more then I probably wouldn't continue to support her because she can see that so many people are against it. If Zoe was still tweeting those tweets that she did all those years ago, I most certainly wouldn't still support her. But seeing as she has apologized for them and I do feel that they are quite a sincere apology (I'm assuming that she will make a video about those tweets in the future) I will support her. 

I'm incredibly interested in hearing some of your thoughts and opinions though, so please leave them in the comment section below!

**photo is not mine and all credits go to the owner**


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