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Thursday, 5 October 2017

The ideal app for every student 

Extra cash. Regardless of our financial situations, it's always nice to get a little bit of extra cash. You can put it towards the weekly food shop, a months amount of petrol or even towards a holiday. Whatever it might be for, extra cash isn't something that you'd turn down.

Probably about a year ago (yes, I've been planning to right this post for a really long time now) I downloaded this app called Receipt Hog as a way of earning a tiny bit more cash. I had mixed feelings towards this app when I first downloaded because I didn't think it was actually going to work but let me explain what this app actually does...

All you need to do with this app is to take photos of your receipts that you get from doing your shopping and then upload them onto the app! So you can see that I currently have 237 coins on my app so far and I need to earn enough of them for it to actually get changed into real life dolllaaaaaaar. If you're not interested in having the actual cash then you can alternatively use the coins you've collected to get yourself Amazon gift cards.

So that's all you need to do in order to get yourself some extra money! Collect all the receipts that you get from when doing your shopping and upload photos of them onto the app. Wait for them to be processed and then depending on the store you've bought from and how much you spend will determine how many coins you get. The more you spend in store means the more coins the receipts are worth. Some receipts don't always = coins, if you can see closely on the above photo on the right where it says camera is a button called slots. I completely forgot to take a photo of this but there is a slot machine which you spin to see if you can get extra coins or even actual cash!

I will say this though, it does take a long time to actually get enough coins for some real money. Here's what you need to collect if you live in the UK

1500 coins = £5
2850 coins = £10
5300 coins = £20
12000 coins = £50

And here's what you need to collect if you live in the US

1000 coins = $5
2900 coins = $10
4300 coins = $25
6500 coins = $40

Like I said, it did take me a long time to actually earn any money. As soon as I got to the 1500 coin mark I opted for the £5 because I wanted to see if it actually worked and I'm very happy to say that it does! All the money is sent via paypal and it took about a week for it to get into my account and ever since then I've been taking photos of my receipts like a mad woman. I've even got my mum on it as well!

Despite it taking a good few months for me to actually earn any money, it was pretty easy and simple to do. I wasn't actually going out of my way to do any of it because it literally takes about two seconds to take a photo and upload it on to it. By the way, taking a photo of it and uploading it all done on the app so again, it's really easy and simple to use. Receipt Hog won't accept any receipts that are two weeks out of date and you can't upload more than three of the same store receipts in the same day. It also needs to be able to see the whole receipt in order for it to work i.e. it needs to see the store name, the amount you spent, the time you went in, the date etc. If the receipt doesn't work then it'll let you know and you can always retake it if you still have it.

Overall this is a pretty handy app for you to have. Once you've got back from your shopping all you have to do is just to take a photo of it and upload and voila, it's all done for you. 

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