Hands That Are Prone To Eczema?

Monday, 2 October 2017

This stuff has been my Holy Grail for the past couple of weeks

Eczema. If you suffer with some form of eczema then you'll know that it can be a living nightmare. If you don't suffer with eczema, well, you don't really know how lucky you are. I've recently been battling with eczema for the past couple of months and let me tell you, it's horrible. I now have patches of eczema on my hands and I've tried so hard to try to calm it down. If you're unfamiliar with eczema then here's a quick run down on what it is

Eczema is pretty much just extremely dry skin and can sometimes be hereditary or it can be down to environmental factors i.e. the sort of job that you work in. For example, a lot of hairdressers can suffer from it due to working with certain chemicals. In my case, it's both down to genetics (from my mums side) and it's also down to my job (I have to wash my hands a lot.) As the skin is so dry, it can become insanely itchy, to the point where it makes you miserable and you can't really get on with your day. The skin that has been affected by eczema can become red, flaky and can be very itchy or in some cases it can potentially be quite painful.

As a whole, my hands have been very itchy and I would find that without even knowing that I was doing it, I would be itching my skin. Now, if you suffer from eczema, then you know that itching it is the last thing you should be doing as this can lead to the skin to become infected and then you've got yourself a whole bunch of other problems that you have to deal with. I will say this though; scratching it is probably the best feeling in the world. Sounds gross but if you know, you know.

Like I said, eczema can be very painful and it was making me miserable. I remember coming home one night from work and it felt like my fingers were on fire, at one point I thought I was going to cry because of it. But that's when these babies come in handy...

A few years ago, my hands became very dry (it wasn't to do with eczema though) and it was because of work and also it was during the winter which didn't hurt either. Whenever I left work on a Friday night my hands use to be sore, dry and cracked. Whilst out with my mum she spotted the Diprobase Lotion and suggested that I tried it and it worked wonders. Flash forward to the present day, I ended up finding this in my room and gave it ago because I was willing to try anything to help my hands. Just after a few uses of this lotion and my hands were so much more better and I can could actually get on with my day without having a constant burning pain on my fingers.

Not so long ago, I realised that I was running out of it so I knew I had to go out and buy some more. If they had discontinued it I probably would of cried my eyes out. I ended up finding the Diprobase Cream which is another lifesaver. I really don't know what I would do without this stuff because it has helped my skin out massively.

The actual lotion is more of a throw in your handbag kind of cream because it's a lot lighter and can be rubbed in easily and you don't have to wait around for to dry into the skin. I tend to use the cream before going to bed and at times when I know that I won't be using my hands because it has a much thicker consistency and does feel sticky whilst it dries into the skin which to be honest, I don't really mind as I know that it's going to be very beneficial to my skin.

If you do suffer from eczema or if you do suffer from extremley dry skin then I highly recommend Diprobase products. I honestly don't know what I would do without them as they have made such a drastic improvement with my skin. Before using these products my fingers would be bright red, sore and itchy. Every now and then my boyfriend would catch a quick glance at my fingers and he would be so shocked at the state they were in.

I just want to say that I have not been paid by Diprobase and have not been sponsored to write this. This post is just to help anyone who currently has eczema and to let them know about a skincare product that has helped me massively with my eczema. I don't think that my eczema will currently go as I'm 95% sure it's down to the environment that I work in but at the current state that my hands and fingers are in I can currently get on with my day without having to resist to scratch my skin and it's all thanks to thee Diprobase products.

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