The Best Months Of The Year

Saturday, 2 September 2017

I just wanted to write this blog post explaining why the best couple of months are coming up

I am so happy that the summer is over! I've never really been a massive fan of the weather in the summer and by that I don't mean because it rains every day of the summer. I don't like the heat. I can't stand it. I get hot too quickly. I sweat bucket loads and my scalp gets extremely itchy, lovely right? Colder months are right up my street, I love putting the fire on, drinking hot chocolates, having duvet days whilst it's raining outside. 

For me personally, September all the way to February are the best months in my opinion. Then March to August, isn't really my cup of tea. September is one of my favourite months because the evenings get darker earlier which I really love. I finished my education in the summer of 2014 but September always takes me back to my school/college days and having to wake up to what I call early most days and walking to the bus stop in the cooler weather. Just typing all this out is making me feel all fuzzy inside, haha. I suppose September can be seen as a new January as it is the start of the academic year so when starting school/college you can pretty much become a brand new person.

My reasons for loving October is just the general weather. The photo used in this blog post was taken in October last year, on Halloween to be exact and again, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside. It just looks like the perfect sweater weather which I cannot wait for. Another reason as to why I much prefer Winter to Summer is the fashion. Chunky jumpers, boots and big cozy coats are what dreams are made of. 

November is a funny month to some people but I rather enjoy it. This is when the weather is full on cold and I'm in my element. Bonfire night is something that I also really love and this year I'll be in Cardiff around that time so hopefully we get to see some decent firework displays. Oh and I do love a good sparkler.

Where do I even begin with December? I love Christmas, I love the lights, the music, the food. Oh my, the food. My number one reason as to why I love Christmas, all the food. Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, pigs in blankets *insert heart eyed emoji* Christmas movies are another thing I enjoy about December, I think my favourite Christmas films would have to be the Nativity films, the second one is my favourite.

A lot of people despise January but I actually like it. I always see January as a white month (I see certain colours for some months) and I see it as a clean slate. Odds are I won't carry on my NYR all the way to the end of the year but for January, I do give them a good go. I also love the sales that go on in January, ha. If you've got the money then sometimes it' good going on a mini break during January. The hotels are cheaper, the sales are on and a lot of restaurants tend to have deals on to get you go back during January.

February for me is the best month of the year because it's my birthday month! I tend to milk my birthday and drag it out for the entire month. My birthday is on the 9th but you'll find me on the 20th of February trying to justify buying even more clothes by going " was my birthday a few days ago..." 

So that's my little summary of why we've got the best months ahead of us! Now it's just time to sit back, relax and just enjoy the next couple of months!


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