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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Find out about this absolute bargain that I found in t.k maxx

I love mascara, it's probably my favourite makeup product and I've said this for a really long time. I knew that the mascara that I was currently using was getting a bit old and wouldn't last much longer so I made a mental note telling myself that I needed to pick some up asap. A few weeks back, I was in t.k maxx (where I spend half my wages - the other half goes to McDonalds in case you were wondering) and I spotted a box in the reduced bit. It should of been £28 but, I managed to get it for £9 which I think is a bit of a bargain. Whilst reading the information on the box, I saw that I was getting a mascara and a pencil eye liner, which I don't really use but I think I might start wearing it if I'm going out somewhere nice. I thought £9 for a mascara and an eye liner was pretty decent but it wasn't until I opened the box when I saw that it contained 3 mascaras and a eye liner. Now, £9 for three mascaras and an eye liner in my books is an absolute bargain. 

When I had unscrewed the mascara, I was a bit shocked to find that the shape of the brush was very small. I'd say that in come cases, it could potentially be a third of the size of a standard mascara brush. The reason why it's so small is so you can get every single lash on your eye and I completely agree with this, when using this brush, I am able to coat all my lashes in mascara. With the mascara brush being so tiny, it makes it perfect for those who coat their bottom lashed in mascara. I personally don't do this because I think that my bottom lashes are pretty long anyway, so when I add mascara to them, I end up looking like a creepy doll.

At first, I was a bit sloppy with applying this, as for some reason, I kept getting it pretty much all over my eye lids but the more I used it, the less this stuff happened. Which is a good thing because I hated having to wipe off mascara from my eye lids which had just been freshly covered in eye shadow.

After using this mascara, my eye lashes look a lot more thicker and a lot more longer and with minimal clumping! There's only so much mascara clumping a girl can take. My only minor issue with this mascara is that it's very wet and when I say this, I mean it takes a while to dry and can easily smudge. For example, I was cutting onions the other week whilst wearing this mascara and oh my Lord, those onions made me cry. I pretty much had a full on crying session and when I looked in the mirror, I looked like the fifth member of Kiss. I had mascara running all down my face. Despite all my mascaras that I own, none of them are waterproof and I fully believe that none of them would of run down my face like this Revlon Ultimate All In One did. So that would be my only downside to this mascara, but it could possibly be that I applied one too many coats because I do love my mascara.

Sorry this photo looks awful, my camera wouldn't focus properly but I thought I would put this photo in to show you how small the 'brush' is! It's tiny! But this mascara brush is small and mighty and it 100% gets the job done.


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