The Sunglasses That I've Been Wearing All Summer

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Say hello to the sunglasses that I've been completely obsessed with

It's official I've become obsessed with these new sunglasses. I love wearing them but unfortuenly, the weather in the U.K hasn't been too brilliant, well it hasn't where I live anyway. We did have a little heatwave not too long ago but it looks like that's it now. No more sun. Yay? 

I spotted these beauties at T.K.Maxx because I wanted a new pair but wasn't really too fussed with what I wanted them to look like. My other sunglasses gave off an Elton John vibe so I was a little bit paranoid about wearing them in case people stared at me. Whilst looking at the sunglasses, these just jumped out at me and I fell in love. I was having them regardless of the price tag. I think they're absolutely stunning. I had also been meaning to get a pair of cat eyes sunglasses as these supposedly suited the shape of my face - I have a big old potato shaped head.

These should of been £40 but were priced at around £16 which I thought was a bit of a bargain. I just had to get them. I love the style of them and I love how they reflect things in the lenses, they're pretty much like a mirror! I did a bit of research on them and I found they were made by a company called Quay Australia and you can click here to visit their website, they have an amazing range of sunglasses, I'm so tempted to buy more. They also do men's sunglasses! I can't find these sunglasses on the actual website BUT, I have found them on asos and guess what! They're in the sale, so click here if you fancy grabbing yourself a pair like mine!

Just looking at their website now is making me want to buy myself another pair of sunnies. If I had a holiday planned then I would totally buy myself another pair or two because I've officially become obsessed with Quay sunglasses. I'm also keeping an eye out at T.K.Maxx in case I spot another pair and if I do, I'll probably be buying them. Oh, and I'll be keeping an eye out on Asos, you can never own too many sunglasses can you?


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