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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Find out what I've been up to in July!

Watching: Spider - man: Homecoming. Oh my goodness, I loved this film! I'd happily go back and watch it again. I will say though, that I watched this in 3D and I didn't feel like there was enough happening for it to be in 3D. Normally with 3D films I tend to jump when something comes out at the screen but I didn't jump at all during this film. What I'm trying to say is that you won't miss much if you see it in 2D. The first 10 minutes, I didn't really know what was going on because I think it follows on from the Avengers but I've never seen the second one so it sort of lost me there but after that hurdle, I enjoyed every second of it. Oh, and I kind of have a crush on the new Spider - man :/

Reading: Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates. I've been a bit busy recently so haven't had the chance to read but I'm still enjoying how eye opening this  book is. It's definitely worth a read in my case!

Smelling: Pure Linen by Next. I finally burnt my other Next candle and have moved onto this scented candle. Unfortunately, it doesn't burn very well so it won't last a long time but I do think that this scent is a lot stronger than the previous candle. It apparently has odour neutralising technology to get rid of any bad smells...not that my bedroom smells bad but it certainly smells a lot better when this candle is burning.

Listening: Praying by Kesha. I am so happy that Kesha is back! If you haven't heard this song yet then I really think you should, I'm obsessed. Kesha was my girl when I was at school and it's been ages since we've had any music from her (understandably of course.) I'm not even ashamed to say that listening to this song makes me tear up when I hear it, even when I have heard it over a 100 times.

Excited for: Weymouth. Fingers crossed if everything works out fine, then I should hopefully be going to Weymouth sometime next week. It's been absolute years since I've been so it'll be nice to go back and see if anything has changed. Not that I will remember it though because like I said, it's been absolute years. Quite possibly around 15 years ago!


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