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Sunday, 9 July 2017

If I had to recommend one book to everyone, it would probably be this book

Wow, this book is an absolute eye opener. After every chapter I read, I'm pretty much gobsmacked at some of the stories told in this book. Ever since I did the EPQ during my last year of college, I had been meaning to get round to this book. My chosen topic was feminism so this book would of pretty much been perfect for me to take quotes and statistics from. It was only till last month that I finally got around to buying this book from Amazon. I could spend hours and hours just going through all the different kinds of books on Amazon.

This book is split into 12 different chapters and most of these are how women are effected by sexism in different aspects of life i.e. women in the media, women in politics. So far I'm on chapter six which is women in the media and I'm quite eager to read this chapter as this would of been perfect for my EPQ which I did a few years back. 

As much as I enjoy reading this book, some parts are quite difficult to push through with reading. I am so surprised and disgusted that girls younger than the age of 10 have had sexual comments/remarks made about them and their bodies. 

One of my favourite parts of this book is reading about women standing up for themselves and replying to the cat calls and the wolf whistles. I enjoy it because a lot of the people making these comments are absolutely clueless on how to react when they do talk back. It takes a lot of them by surprise. 

I think it would be interesting if people who thought feminism was a waste of time or that sexism was just a bit of 'banter' and something to just sweep under the carper would say. During my life I've met people who think that feminism shouldn't really be a thing or they assume that all feminists are the man hating and bra burning stereotype so I do think it would be interesting to hear their thoughts and opinions on feminism once they've read the book. I also think it would be interesting if this book was part of the school curriculum and pupils should read it. I noticed a lot of sexist behavior at school but nothing was really said or done because it was just seen as 'lads being lads' and this is where I think sexism becomes an issue because no one teaches the 'lads' the right from wrong when it comes to this type of sexist behavior. 

Overall, it really is an interesting read and I do recommend it. The only issue I have with it is that it does anger me a lot but I feel like I have to read it because it's such an eye opener to what millions of women and girls have to put up with throughout their lives and the sad thing is, I don't think these comments and sexist remarks and cat callers are going anywhere anytime soon.


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