18 Things To Do On Your Day Off

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

As I've gotten older I've realised that I appreciate days off a lot more now

I know nowadays you get loads of kids and teenagers saying that they can't wait to leave school and what not and whilst I couldn't wait to leave my secondary school once and for all, I do sort of regret not appreciating fully the teacher training days, the bank holidays or the half terms. I mean, two whole weeks off at Christmas? That legit sounds so heavenly now. The area of work, that I work in, we don't get days off, our place is open every single day. Now when I do get days off, I really do appreciate them and I don't always like to lounge around all day doing nothing because I feel like I've wasted a whole precious 24 hours. As I'm getting older, I can feel myself changing a bit, the thought of lounging around all day, doing nothing makes me feel sick. I have to do something, even if it means popping out to the shops to grab some milk or something. I like to be up early as well, not necessarily out of bed early but I like to be awake before 10am, again, the thought of waking up in the afternoon makes me feel a bit sick.

I thought in today's post, I would write up a list of things you could do on a day off. Don't worry though, I've added in a few things that don't require much effort - I'm trying to please everyone here!

1/Catch up with blogging
I write the majority of my posts on a day off (I'm writing this one on a day off!) so why not dedicate some hours to blogging? Whether it's writing blog posts, brain storming ideas, reading blog posts, anything blogging related!

2/Go for a run
It's been a while since I last went on a run, probably about 2 months but I've been fairly busy but going for a run does feel pretty good at the end. Well for me it does anyway. I quite like that aching feeling you get when you do exercises - no idea why though!

3/Binge watch something on Netflix
Or something on You Tube if you don't own Netflix. I'm trying to get myself through the last series of Pretty Little Liars but I find that I have do something when watching it. Watching a movie is different but when I watch an entire series, I can't sit down and watch it otherwise I feel like I'm suffocating so I tend to watch it in the morning when I'm doing my makeup.

4/Go through your makeup collection
I don't own a lot of makeup, it's more skin care products and things like that that I need to sort out properly. A lot of that stuff has been sat in my room for absolute ages and has never been touched in a long time.

5/Tidy your bedroom
And I don't mean putting things back in their place, I'm talking about pulling your bed out, hoovering underneath, cleaning the windows and mirrors and dusting and polishing everything in sight. You know it needs doing.

6/Rearrange your room
On my previous day off, whilst giving my room a proper clean I got the urge to start to throw things out and move stuff around. In the end I actually moved my entire bed and moved some of my furniture and now my room looks completely different! 

7/Have a bubble bath
Realistically for me, the only time I can have a relaxing bubble bath is on a day off because I spend ages in the tub. I like to bring a book in with me and spend a lot of my time reading and other times I'll bring my iPad in so I can catch up with my tv shows that I'm behind on.

8/Read a book!
Similar to having a bath, I can only really read books on my days off because during my working days, I tend to be busy for the entire day but I'm going to try and put aside some time for me to pick up a book and read it. Even if it's just one chapter.

9/Catch up with friends
This only really works if you have the same day off though!

10/Visit that cafe/restaurant/pub that you keep saying you'll check out
There's a few places that I've mentally noted down to go and visit but I've yet to get around to doing it. One of these days though I'll go and check them out, because you never know, it might be something worth blogging about!

11/Go on a mini adventure
This is a bit similar to the previous one but just go on a mini adventure and find somewhere new to go. Hop on the bus/train and just go and explore somewhere, like I said before, you might find a place that's worth blogging about.

12/Bake something
I'm not really a fan of baking or cooking from scratch, I guess it's down to the cooking classes we had at school. It wasn't so much the cooking, more of the prep like having to go down to Asda to buy one whole red onion or weighing out 150 grams of spaghetti. When it comes to cooking now, I don't bother weighing anything, I just guess!

It's been a good while since I went bowling so maybe it's time to down and get my bowling shoes on.

I think the last time I went swimming was over a year ago when I went to centre parks. I really enjoy swimming and I'd say it's probably my favourite sport, although going down water slides isn't really considered a sport is it?

15/Pop down your local pub and have a pint
Or something non alcoholic if you prefer. I'm more of a cocktail/alcho pop kinda gal and you'd never catch me sipping on a pint of foster, ew. Sometimes it's nice just sit back and relax and watch the world go by. 

16/Make a trip to your local coffee shop
These kinds of things are up my street because I'm a people watcher and I know it sounds weird but I actually enjoy watching people go about their daily business. So the thought of just sitting down and sipping on a coffee is fine with me because I can just sort of watch people get on with their stuff. 

17/Create a family on the sims
Not going to lie but even at the age of 22, I still enjoy playing the sims and I don't know why. I've been playing the sims ever since I was just a kid so I pretty much grew up with them, ha. You should create a family in the morning and see how far you get with the family by the evening.

18/Binge watch Love Island
Okay, so I know that about 85% of the UK population watches Love Island and the rest don't watch it and complain on twitter about how everyone is watching Love Island but those who don't watch it are seriously missing out. This year there has been so many twists and turns with the show that I don't really know what's going to happen by the end of the show. Every time I watch it, the person who I think will win changes pretty much every episode. Regardless of if they win or not, I do think that Marcel and Gabby will work pretty well on the outside!

Oh and by the way, for everyone who hates Love Island, it'll be over on the 24th of July so not long to go now!


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