The One Product I Would Recommend For Pale Girls

Monday, 12 June 2017

A product that I am slowly becoming obsessed with...

I am very pale, like extremely pale and when the sun comes out, I instantly burn. Now, for a while now I've been debating whether or not to get myself a spray tan due to the fact that I am extremely pale. (Note - I've never ever faked tan before) The thought of fake tanning doesn't really appeal to me because I just know that I'll mess up some how and the thought of having to wait round for ages for it to develop doesn't really float my boat. So a week or so ago, I saw an advertisement of this product and how it was a body lotion with a self tan built in it and I was pretty much sold. 

The other week, I noticed that it was on offer in Boots at half price so I thought to myself, just buy it and give it a go! So I did and then I fell in love.

I love this stuff!

I thought I would try it out on my legs first because that's my biggest issue: the fact that my legs are so, so pale and I feel like I look like a ghost when I actually get them out. Also, if it was to go wrong - no one would see them! So like I said, I tried them on my legs during the evening and slathered it on. It didn't take long for it to sink into my skin which I was pleased about because I didn't want to walk round the house with sticky legs. The next morning I woke up to healthier looking legs! It didn't give me (and it doesn't say that it will) a full blown tan but I was happy about that, it would be way too obvious if I was to fake tan myself. This product just sort of adds a bit of colour to your skin and tones down the paleness. The only problem I had was that it went a bit streaky on my feet but that was 100% my fault because I didn't rub it in enough which would be my top tip - just keep massaging it in all over to make sure you haven't missed anywhere. I'd also suggest to exfoliate before hand to get rid of any dead skin, I didn't do this before hand but when it washes off I'll make sure to exfoliate it beforehand.

This product comes in two different shades: fair to medium skin and medium to dark skin. It's probably obvious to the one that I chose...

I'm seriously impressed with this stuff! I'm not sure how long it actually lasts on the skin before it starts to fade away because I keep topping mine up before I go to bed so I can wake up with nice looking legs. 

If you are as pale as me and you are looking for a subtle tan in a tube then I would totally recommend you give this a go! I do plan on trying it out on my arms soon but I'm a bit paranoid that something will go totally wrong and I'll go to work with extremely streaky arms, ha. 


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