The NYX Studio Perfect Photo - Loving Primer (Anti - Redness) Review

Friday, 5 May 2017

A primer to hide my rosy red cheeks?

The problem that I have with my skin is that it can be quite red in some places on my face and it bothers me quite a bit. Why? Because the foundations that I've been using don't actually cover it up. Even concealer can't cover it up. I have tried another product in the past to try and hide the redness of my face but that doesn't do anything so after trying that product, I went on the hunt to find another product to try and hide m
y red cheeks.

Whilst browsing the NYX stand a good few months ago, I spotted this primer which claimed to help with redness of the skin and at the time I just thought this sounded perfect for me. Not only will it help keep my makeup on my face for a bit longer, it'll also help and neutralise the redness of my skin, 

I didn't try this product out for a long time because I was going through my other primer and I'm the type of person who hates to have two similar products going at the same time. I much prefer to use one up and then get going on another new product which is why this review has taken a while to come around.

So obviously, I apply this to a clean face before I apply makeup and the way it glides onto your face is just perfect. It feels amazing on the skin and it does create the perfect base for applying makeup. It comes out as a green substance (I always think it looks like pesto,ha) but once it's rubbed into the face, it comes out as a clear substance. When I do apply it, I find that it sort of 'sticks' to the red parts of my face but maybe that's me being optimistic about this primer.

Primer wise, it's a brilliant product, it makes applying makeup a lot easier and I find that it does last a lot longer on the skin. But, I did find that it didn't do much to the redness of my face which sucks because I had a lot oh high hopes for this product. I have read some other reviews about this primer and I'm not the only one who thinks that it doesn't really do much to the redness of my face which is a bit annoying, I won't lie.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this primer, on the one hand, yes as a primer it's brilliant as it does make the perfect base for your face before you apply makeup and I find that my makeup does last a lot longer on the skin but on the other hand it does nothing to the redness on my face which was the main reason as to why I bought this product. If you're interested in getting a primer then I would recommend getting the clear primer (they also have another coloured primer which is a lavender shade to help with the yellow undertones of the skin) to just help keep your makeup lasting a lot longer. I doubt that I'll be buying this primer again which is a shame because I had high hopes for this product but it got me thinking, is there any sort of coloured makeup product out there that helps with the redness of the skin? This is my second product that I've tried and with both products, I've had no such luck with either of them. Hopefully I can find a product soon to help with the redness of my face.



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