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Friday, 26 May 2017

I've been wearing this perfume non stop since I bought it

A few weeks back, I had a much needed venture into T.K.Maxx which by now, is probably classed as my second home - I spend waaayy too much time and money in that store. The perfume section is probably what gets me going the most, I love going through all the different perfumes they have to offer. It's my guilty pleasure - no seriously it is.

The only downside about the perfume at T.K.Maxx is that you can't really smell any of the perfumes because there all boxed up but fortunately someone had already ripped open one of the boxes of the perfume so I was able to smell it before purchasing. Would I of bought this if I hadn't of smelled it? Yeah, probably. I just love perfume.

 Describing different scents is not my calling in life so I'll just tell you what it says on the Fragrantica:
"Cali Vibes by Hollister is a Floral fragrance for women. The fragrance features lily-of-the-valley, rose, lilac and musk"

It definitely is a floral scent which is something that I love, I'd say that floral scents and sweet scents are my two personal favourite scents as they both always remind of the summer and spring. Despite it being a floral scent, I do a get a 'warm' feeling when I smell it which to me makes it an ideal scent for the night time. Not really a date night sort of scent but maybe if you're just going out for a drink or two with friends or something along those lines. 

I'm probably going to sound a bit hypercritical but I wear this daily when I go to work. Cali Vibes was priced at £8.99 at T.K.Maxx which to me is a bit of a bargain considering it wasn't an eau de toilette. I always try an avoid those, especially if they're designer. Why pay a lot of money for a scent that doesn't last long on your skin?

Whilst we're on the subject of scents lasting long, I'd say that it's a decent amount of time. Maybe a good three hours where you can just smell it lingering on your skin and then I'd say after five hours you'd probably need a spritz again but that's not to say that it's completely gone, it hasn't. It's just not as strong as it was when you first applied it and when I'm wearing perfume, I like to go overboard with it, I just like to drench myself in it before leaving somewhere. 


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