Minimal Makeup Days

Saturday, 20 May 2017

For the days when I don't feel like wearing a full face of makeup

I love wearing makeup and I love how it makes me feel when I do wear it but there are some days when I either can't really be bothered to wear a full face of makeup or if I want to let my skin breathe for a good 24 hours. Seeing as I've been doing this makeup look a bit more often I thought I would share with you all what I wear on days were I don't want to wear as much makeup.

I start off with a clean face and the first thing I apply to my face is my Nivea moisturiser which is suited for sensitive skin and what I love about this is that it claims to help with redness with the skin. My pet peeve is that my skin can be quite red in some places and it;s one of the main reasons why I wear foundation. I apply about a pea size amount and go ahead and rub it all over my face.

Once it has dried into my skin, I then go ahead and use my NYX green anti redness primer, it's a good primer but when it comes to acting as an anti redness it's not that brilliant but I refuse to throw it away because I hate wasting money. I'll apply this all over my face but mainly on my cheeks and nose.

Once my skin is fully primed and moistirised, I'll apply concealer under my eyes and on any spots if I do have any. Another issue that I have with my skin, is the dark bags under my eyes but I haven't always had them so I think it's probably down to lack of sleep. I'll also apply it on my eye lids as well because my eye lids are quite vein-y. Gross, I know.

I then go ahead and just use my Rimmel powder all over my face because my skin gets oily throughout the day so this just sort of holds back the oil for a little bit.

Then I'll grab my SEVENTEEN eye shadow palette and go ahead and apply this lightest shade (warm ivory) onto my eye lids and then I'll use one of the darker shades (baked chestnut) to fill my eyebrows in.

Awful photos I know but this is the shade that I use on my eye lids
The shade in at the bottom in the middle is the shade I use to lightly fill in my eye brows

The last thing I then apply is mascara but because I'm the biggest doughnut ever, I forgot to add the mascara I use in the photo. I normally use the benefit roller lash mascara though, in case any of you were wondering and I'm sure by now we all know what it looks like!

And that's all I pretty much wear on a day when I'm feeling like wearing as little makeup as possible and I'm trying to do it a bit more now and give my skin a break from wearing all my usual makeup.


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