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Saturday, 22 April 2017

A different concealer to replace my personal favourite?

For a while now, I've been wanting to branch out with my makeup collection. I'm at the stage now, were I don't mind paying a bit more if it means good results. As much as I love my SEVENTEEN concealer, I just wanted to try out a brand that I'm not too familiar with. 

A few weeks ago, I popped into Boots and had a browse at the NYX stand and decided to try out the HD Studio Photogenic concealer. If I can remember correctly, it was priced at £6.99 which I didn't mind paying. It's a tiny bit more than the concealer that I used to use but I wanted to try something new and different, so like I said, I didn't paying the extra odd quid.

Trying out new makeup that I've recently bought really excites me. I get a bit on an adrenaline rush when I open up the packaging...sounds extreme I know but I can't describe, I just love it! The day after purchasing, I applied my makeup and waited eagerly to apply it. I applied it under my eyes and then onto my chin because I've got a few spots down there. As I went to apply it onto my chin, I noticed that it has a horrendous smell. I can only really describe it as a plastic-y/chemically smell which is quite off putting when you're applying it to your face. Still, the smell doesn't really affect how it works so it's not a massive issue for me.

Similar to my other concealer, it has a doe foot applicant and whilst it had applied to my face, I felt like it had 'dried' pretty quickly. Once I applied it, went to grab my concealer brush (which is right next to me) and went to blend it in under my eyes, I felt like the concealer had dried up on my face because it was almost like I was pulling my skin when trying to blend it. I ended up just using my fingers to blend it in as this was a lot more comfortable. Cover wise, it does a pretty good job, you couldn't really see my spots or notice the bags under my eyes but there is just one more complaint that I have on this product...

If you've been reading my blog for a while then you might of heard how pale I am. I could give Snow White a run for her money. Whilst I was looking at the concealers, I picked up the lightest shade I could find which is CW01 Porcelain. Over the years of me trying out makeup, I tend to find that anything with the word 'porcelain' in is pretty much the right kind of shade for me. However, this concealer tends to be on the orangey side. It's not very noticeable but I like to have my concealer lighter than the foundation I'm wearing. Sometimes I'll use my concealer all across my jawline so the fact that my foundation isn't my skin colour isn't too obvious, but with the NYX concealer, I'm unable to do that.

Overall, I'm not that happy with this concealer. I like the coverage it gives but I don't like the smell, the fact that it's not the right shade and also the fact that it's quite difficult to blend - especially under the eyes. I feel that it's suppose to be a high coverage concealer hence the fact that it's difficult to blend because it's suppose to be quite thick to cover up any 'imperfections'. I highly doubt that I'll be going back to this concealer which is a shame because I wanted to love it. Although, this hasn't put me off going back to the NYX counter to try out other makeup items they have. I've only ever tried the highlighter from NYX which I love so I'm hoping that there's always more products that I love! (I've always said that if I try three products from a brand and I don't like them or my skin doesn't get on with them then the brand isn't for me)


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