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Friday, 7 April 2017

A quick and easy solution to a lazy girl's problem?

Washing my makeup brushes is chore that I cannot stand. At all. I find it so time consuming and boring and I dread every time that I have to do it. I do have an makeup brush cleansing tool which makes it a bit easier to do so but I still dread having to do it. 

Whilst out in T.K.Maxx I spotted these cleansing cloths from Eco Tools. Now I own a few brushes from this brand so I thought I would give them a go to see if they make life any easier. I was also pretty surprised that I haven't really seen anything similar out on the market (unless I'm looking in all the wrong places.)

Okay, so I'm sorry for the really bad photo but I was finding it pretty difficult to take a decent close up photo! 

Seeing as I was going to do a first impressions blog post, I thought I would use one of the brushes that gets the most use daily. So I obviously went for the brush that I use to apply foundation which I'll admit, was pretty grubby at the time. 

Within the pack you get 25 cloths and I was surprised at the first one being so...wet. I normally find that with makeup wipes (well the cheap ones anyway) the wipes that are the closest to being used are normally the driest and then the decent ones are always in the middle. There also wasn't really a scent to them and after using them my brush didn't have much of a smell after. I tend to use a cheap conditioner on my brushes so they smell nice afterwards, it doesn't really affect the use of the brushed after but I just find it nice to have them smell of something nice afterwards.

I started off by just placing the cloth flat out on the palm of my hand and then started to rub my brush into the cloth gently. I was pretty mesmerized and grossed out at how much was actually coming off my brush. 

The brush after seemed a lot cleaner after I had cleaned it. I don't think that these cloths fully replace washing them with warm water and a shampoo/conditioner or what have you. I also think that these would be much better for smaller brushes like a favourite eye shadow brush so that you have a clean brush to use before applying a different eye shadow colour. It's also best to use these wipes either after you've finished applying your makeup or about 20 minutes before doing so as they do get wet and you'd need to wait for them to dry before applying makeup onto them. Oh and I don't think it's best to reuse these wipes once they've been used. Just imagine all that bacteria on them!

Overall, I was pretty pleased with this purchase, I paid £3.99 for it so I wasn't really breaking the bank for them. I also don't think I would use them all in one go otherwise that would be a waste of money and a waste of a product too. I probably would repurchase these wipes (but probably not at a higher price) and I'm looking forward to using them on all my brushes next time. I think it's mainly my eye shadow brushes and concealer brush that needs it the most! Those things always get abused daily! Oh, and I took a picture of what the cloth looked like after use

Pretty gross right? And it's like that on both sides.


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