A Necessary Accessory For Those Who Run

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

It's not the prettiest of things but it's definitely life changing

I've been going out running once/twice a week for about two weeks and I love it. There's just something about my legs burning and my chest hurting that I really quite enjoy. The only problem that I had when running was having to hold my phone and house keys whilst out. I didn't want to put either of them in my pocket because I would spend the whole run worried about them falling out and me not knowing about it. I didn't want to purchase anything within a week of running because I thought I would give it up after two weeks but after two months of doing so, I'm really enjoying it still! 

I thought ASOS would be the best place to go and I did find one accessory that I had my heart on buying, it was pretty much the same style but just a different brand and a different colour. It was bright pink and I fell in love with it. I added it to my saved items and waited for pay day, when it was pay day, I went onto ASOS to add it to my basket only to find that it had sold out completely. Gutted didn't even cover it. I decided to go on to Amazon to see if I could find something similar and low and behold I did! Pretty much the same thing but it was a lot cheaper...a lot cheaper. The one on ASOS retailed at £19.99 and yes, I was willing it pay that much for it. This one however, only cost me £6.99 which is a much better price and I was sort of happy that the pink one was sold out because it saved me a lot of money.

This product has made running so much easier for me now. I literally just pop my phone in the back and then seal it up. There's also holes in it so you can put some headphones in. There's also a hole that allows you to press the lock button. It's also pretty easy to touch your phone as well when it's in the case. I can easily access all my apps with just a touch of a finger instead of me pressing hard onto my phone. The one thing that you can't access is the volume buttons but you can do that on the screen when you have your music playing. There's also a very small compartment where you can fit your key which is an added bonus so it means I can go hands free when running and the strap is easily adjustable. It does state on the product information that it will fit most people but I ended up getting another smaller strap (which comes with the case, I didn't purchase it serparetly) just in case it didn't fit around my arm.

All in all, this is a pretty decent product and it has made running ten times easier for me. All I have to do is strap my phone into the case, wrap it around my arm and plug my headphones in and then I'm good to go. If you like running like myself, or if you go to the gym then I would recommend this product.


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