Sunday Summary 26 (Yes, I Know It's Late - Sorry)

Monday, 27 March 2017

Hope everyone celebrated Mother's Day well!

Soooooo this post was suppose to be published yesterday but I was way too busy to actually get around to writing it. I worked all day and then went for a few drinks after work and before I knew, it was already 11pm and at that point I wasn't really in the mood for writing anything. Plus, I already had some cocktails and a shot down me so I probably wasn't really in the right frame of mind. I'll leave the drunk blog posts to dorkface because they're the best!

Work was heaving and it was probably the busiest day of the year so far and it got to the second half of my shift and my feet were aching so much. To be fair though, I actually like it when my feet hurt from working and being on my feet the entire time because it shows that I'm actually working hard!

I was a bit gutted that I couldn't really spend much time with my mum yesterday due to work but she told me that it didn't really bother her because we could spend Mother's Day another time and do something nice. 

I'm not really sure how I feel about the clocks going forward. On my days off I love it because it stays lighter longer but I'm not so keen on it when I'm working. The one thing that I don't like about the clocks going forward is the fact that with some things I have to manually change them; like my car for example. I always forget how to change the time and when I do, I always feel like I'm in Back To The Future, ha. I also much prefer driving round in the warmer months, I cannot stress as to how much I hate having to defrost the car. I. Hate. It. So. Much.

It's so strange to think that it's pretty much Spring time now. 2016 feels like it was literally yesterday and it always scares me at how fast time goes. Time goes a lot more quicker the older you get. Looking back at my childhood now, it did feel like each year lasted about 10 lifetimes and now that I'm in my twenties, each year seems to be getting shorter and shorter!

Hope you've all had a brilliant March so far! 


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