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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Spring is literally just around the corner

Watching: Kong: Skull Island. I watched this film last night and have to say that I really did enjoy it. I don't think I've watched the entire film of the previous King Kong film, it just didn't really appeal to me but seeing that this film had great actors in it (not to say that the previous one didn't) my cinema buddy and I thought we would give this film a go and we both weren't disappointed! I would recommend this film if you're into action packed films also similar films to Jurassic Park/World.

Reading: Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. I've been reading this book for a few weeks now because it's pretty huge and I won't lie, I sort of have lost my reading mojo but I'm aiming to get back on track with reading. I do think the warmer weather helps because there's nothing better than having a day off work and sitting in the garden in the warm weather whilst reading a good book. If you're into beauty, fashion and skincare then I can't recommend this book enough. I can guarantee that with every chapter you read, you'll learn something new about beauty and skin care.

Smelling: Lime and Coconut by Citta Designs. I'm pretty sure that I have the right information about the candle. It's the perfect candle for the warmer months but ideally I would burn it during the summer as it's pretty much summer in a candle.

Listening: Divide by Ed Sheeran. I honestly love this album. There isn't a single song I dislike on this album. I'll admit and say that I do prefer the more upbeat songs like Galway Girl and if you haven't heard it by now then I suggest you do! It's amazing! I always get the urge to have a bit of a dance when I hear it.

Excited for: Spring! I'm getting bored of the colder weather now. Oh and I'm sick of having to defrost my car but luckily I haven't had to do that in a good few weeks. Honestly though I hate it so much. As I currently write this blog post the sun is shining and there's blue skies as far as the eye can see and it's putting me in such a Spring/Summer mood. This weather is making me want to go for a run so bad so I might end up going out for one in a bit.


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