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Monday, 20 March 2017

Probably one of the cutest bubble bars from Lush on sale at the moment

I always get excited when there's a new range released at Lush because I do get a bit bored of seeing the same old bubble bars and bath bombs over and over again. I only bought two from the new Spring range (so keep an eye out for the other blog post coming soon hopefully) but if I can get back to Lush in time then I'll be sure to check out more of their items.

Bubble bars aren't something I go for normally at Lush, I tend to lean towards the bath bombs more often but every now and then I'll treat myself to a bubble bar. It wasn't actually me who picked this up first, it was someone who I was with at the time and they said "he looks cute" and I was pretty much sold at that sentence. Of course, I did smell it to see if I liked the scent and I did so I couldn't really put him back down after that.

From the photos you can sort of tell that this bubble bar is a bit dinky. You could only get a possible maximum of two uses out of him but when I decided to use him I just crumbled his entire body under some hot running water. Poor chap.

Whilst the bubble bar was being crumbled under the tap, the water below became this gorgeous purple colour and a few bubbles which I was quite surprised at the amount that was created by such a small bar. I was also surprised to find that underneath all the whiteness there was a lot more purple colour.

This bubble bar is probably best used before going to bed. The main fragrance that I could smell from it was lavender which is normally associated with the 'perfect bed time scent'. I've seen a lot of those mists that you spray on your pillow that help you sleep at night because it contains lavender. A few other ingredients that are used in this bubble bar are: rose and ylang ylang which supposedly help you get a good nights sleep. I didn't use this before bed as I used it during the afternoon the second I got back from going for a run. My legs were aching (and still are) so I always think it's best to sit in a hot bath and let my legs rest for a good 30 minutes. I will admit that I did feel a bit sleepy in the bath but that could of been just because I went out for a twenty minute run before hand.

I was pretty impressed with this bubble bar as it packs a lot of punch. Considering he is only small you get a lot of bubbles from him. The water also changes this gorgeous purple colour which I was happy about because I hate sitting in a bath full of yellow/orange water, I just find it quite off putting. Oh and I'm very glad that it had a lavender scent rather than a chocolate scent. I seriously can't stand any sort of chocolate scent from Lush, I just find it too gross.


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