Saturday, 4 March 2017

You'll be wanting to lend this book to your sister, mum, gran and every other female in you know

Seriously though, this book is amazing. 

I've been trying to get into the swing of reading new books so nearly every Friday, I go onto Amazon and purchase a new book to read. A few weeks ago, I decided to choose Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. The day I received this book which was 24 hours after purchasing (you've gotta love Amazon prime) I read 100 pages which for me, is pretty darn good.

Until reading this book, I thought I was pretty clued up about a lot of the beauty world (I only say this as some of my friends/family ask me for my advice on a few beauty things) but the minute I started reading this book, I realised I had little to no clue about anything to do with the beauty world. I thought I knew how to apply foundation properly, what skin type I had and why toner was a good product to use (apparently toner is completely useless unless it's an exfoliating one.)

This book has pretty much become my holy grail book for all things related to beauty and skin care routines. It's so so so interesting to read, it has everything in it from what your skin type is, how to fill in your brows, what to expect when you go for a wax and tips for teenagers. Reading the part about skin care and makeup tips for teenagers made me sort of wish that I had read this as a teen because like most teenagers, I didn't have a lot of confidence with the way I looked.   

If you hadn't of guessed already, I really love this book. It's probably one that I'll pass down to my great grandchildren, haha. No but seriously, I love this book because it's incredible. It's everything you need to know when it comes to skin care routines, makeup and beauty related items, The great thing about this book is the fact that it can apply to any generation. I'd happily let my mum and my grandmother read it because I know that some parts of this book will apply to them. If ever in the future I do have children and they happen to be female, I probably would give this book to them at the right age so they can learn from it.

When I first opened this book I was pretty startled by how there wasn't that many photos in it. It sounds stupid but I assumed it was going to be full of glossy photographs and have a few hints and tips here and there on every other page. It was the complete opposite of what I was expecting it to be. The only way I can describe it, is like something you would have to read in school/college, it's just something a lot more interesting. 

As soon as I got into this book, it made me want to apply every single sort of product I owned. I waned to remove all my make up, exfoliate my skin and then mositurise it within an inch of it's life. I'm also on a mission to find and buy some of the products mentioned in this book (it's a shame a lot of them aren't cruelty free.) 

Overall, I am in love with this book which I've already stated before. If are interested in buying this book then I suggest doing it sooner rather than later because in a few years some of the products mentioned might become a little dated! This book is a real eye opener to the beauty world.


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