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Thursday, 30 March 2017

The newest addition to my skin care routine

Pixi is a brand that I am trying to invest more of my money in to. The only problem being is that it is a bit on the pricey side but every thing that I have bought from Pixi, I have loved and have never had an issue with it. So when it comes to purchasing another item from Pixi and I can't bring myself to justify spending all that money on something, I always say "their skin care range has helped you out lots and you can't fault them!" 

I already owned the Cleansing Balm from Pixi and I recently found that I was running very low on it...very low indeed and I panicked a bit because I didn't really know what to do, did I repurchase the same Cleansing Balm or go for a cheaper alternative? Recently I stumbled onto some blog reviews of this Double Cleanse and was pretty much sold so a few days after, I went onto Asos (what would we do without Asos?) and purchased it.

Like I said before, I owned the previous Cleansing Balm so I had pretty much knew all about the Solid Cleansing Oil. This stuff is what dreams are made off, when it comes to taking makeup off at night, I just take about a pea sized amount of the oil and smother it all over my face. At first, it does feel weird rubbing a solid onto your face but within seconds it pretty much warms up from being massaged all around your face and within minutes - if not seconds, your makeup is completely removed (although I do wear a lot of mascara so sometimes I find that it's not 100% but I would say 90% off is which is fine by me!) Once it has fully melted onto your face and you can see your makeup coming off then it's time to take a muslin cloth (or whatever you prefer) run it under hot water and then wipe of all your makeup. The best part of this process is that it takes no longer than 5 minutes to do so. At night, I normally dread taking my makeup off and I use to get into a routine of sleeping with my makeup on which is gross but now that I've added this back into my life, I actually enjoy taking my makeup off. 
The Solid Cleansing Oil contains: 
  1. Vitamin E which helps to protect and conditions the skin, 
  2. Camellia oil which is omega rich and nourishes the skin
  3. Evening primrose oils which helps to heal and moisturise the skin

Now for the part that excited me... step two which is the Cleansing Cream. I'll admit and say that once my makeup has been removed, I don't really do much after it and have tried to get into a routine of adding something to my skin but I just keep failing at doing so. However, with a Cleansing Cream which is right in sight of me taking off my makeup then I can't really use the excuse "oh, I keep forgetting!!" 

The first time I used this cream, I applied a bit too much so a little bit of this cream really does go a long way. You only need the tiniest amount and your whole face is pretty much covered. Once that has been applied and your whole face is covered it's time to remove it with muslin cloth.

The Cleansing Cream contains:
  1. Vitamin C to help promote collagen and also helps to protect the skin
  2. Has a peptide complex which helps line relaxing in the skin and also helps to plum the skin
  3. Arginine which helps to improve cell renewal and elasticity 

What I love about Pixi is that they are a cruelty free brand and cruelty free skin care/makeup is something that I'm trying to look/invest in to. Another great thing about this product from Pixi is that it's free from paraben, silicone, fragrance and mineral oil so even if you have super sensitive skin this product should be okay for you!

My first impressions of this product is very good one. The only thing that I'm not keen on is the price tag at £24 for getting half of each product. The original Cleansing Balm was originally £18 and now at £24 you do get pretty much half of the product but that seems to be the only minor issue that I have with this product but other than that I can't really fault it!



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