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Sunday, 5 February 2017

I am a tad bit annoyed at the fact that there isn't a running theme with the photos on this blog post!

During the Christmas holidays I was extremely luck to receive this gorgeous and elegant necklace for Christmas. It was given to me by my Dad and I was over the moon when I saw him hand over the blue bag.

I have always like Tiffany jewelry - despite it's hefty price tag. Every now and then I would go onto the Tiffany & Co website and just gaze at all the wonderful jewelry they had to offer. Of course, I couldn't really afford to buy myself anything but now that I work pretty much full time, I just keep going back on the website and dream about purchasing something. Of course I always go on the £300 and less option - even though it's the cheapest option it still is pretty pricey!

The necklace that I was given cost about £160 (I think I'm right!) and while that it is pretty expensive for a necklace it's surprisingly one of the cheapest necklaces they had. It's funny to think that £160 in Tiffany's is 'sort of cheap' but £160 at Pandora is pretty extortionate (well that's what I think anyway.)

I wasn't so sure in how long I wanted my necklace to be, I much prefer a shorter necklace to a longer one but I still wear long necklaces nonetheless! The necklace I received just sits a tiny bit below the breast bone which I think is the perfect length for a necklace as it's in the best location on my chest.

High end jewelry is something that I do love, but don't own a lot of. Mainly due to the price tag. I'm not really a fan of big statement necklaces or chunky bracelets. I prefer something that just a little bit subtle and something that completes an outfit. I don' wear the necklace all too often purely because I want to save it for special occasions; the same goes with my Pandora bracelet and Kate Spade bracelet. I find that if you were something over and over it sort of loses it's magical touch with the outfit. Another reason why I don't wear them as much as I liked too is because I'm so scared of it breaking or falling off me whilst I'm out and about somewhere and losing it forever.

Now that I've finished writing my blog post, I'm off to go and drool over the jewelry on the Tiffany & Co website. *insert heart eyed emoji here*


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