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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

So far this is the third book I've finished reading this year!

You may of seen recently that I wrote a blog post about milk and honey a few weeks ago, I purchased it on Amazon and when doing so, Diary of an Oxygen Thief popped up as a recommendation, Seeing as it had fairly good reviews and I'm on a mission to read more books this year, I popped it straight in my basket and purchased it, 

I waited eagerly for this book to arrive and I couldn't wait for it to arrive, as soon as it arrived on my doorstep, I ripped it opened and began to read. For some reason, I wasn't expecting it to be an actual story book, I assumed that it was going to be poetry like milk and honey but it didn't overly bother me as I still read it in the end!

Reading the first sentence in this book was like a punch to my stomach, which is incredibly ironic. It honestly did feel like someone had just punched me in the stomach as it was a real shock to the system. It's probably the best way to start a book as it made me want to continue reading but at the same time it made me very cautious about the author - who is known as anonymous. If you're read this book or are reading this book then you'll know as to why he has done this. 

This book is rather strange as I'm not sure where I really stand with it. If you read a lot of reviews online about this book then you'll see it has good 5 star reviews (with the odd one star in there.) Throughout reading this book I just couldn't help but not feel for the author at all. I thought he was a horrible person and just couldn't connect with him. He says that he get's his comeuppance in the end but what happens in the end to him just doesn't really come across as 'karma'.  Also, I've seen a lot of reviews say that they thought this book was hilarious but at no point when reading this book did I giggle or laugh at something - come to think of it, I don't think I even cracked a smile. The only thing that I think that these people have found to be funny is the language he uses. There is a lot of swearing in this book and also some sexual references.

I find it so strange that people actually enjoyed this book as I found it to be quite difficult to read. By that I don't mean I found it difficult to read because I'm not a good reader, I mean it because of what the author thinks and says. 

I'm glad that I started reading this book as a twenty one year woman rather than a fourteen year old girl. I do think that a lot of young girls are naive and I may of thought that how the author thinks is how majority of men think and I hope to God it's not. 

Despite me not actually loving this book, it did make me want to read it. The middle part of the book I found to be extremely boring and did consider not finishing it but as soon as I thought that it started to get a bit more interesting. I feel like the beginning bit is the most interesting and after that tends to go 'down hill'. 

Just now going on to Amazon, I have found that there's a second book to this. I'm not completely surprised by this as the author did say that he would possible be working on a new book. Will I read it? At this point I'm not so sure. Finishing this book did leave me with a bitter taste in this mouth and I feel like the author hasn't really felt the true wrath of karma. 

Would I recommend this book to someone? Depends on their age and maturity. I mean, I think it would be interesting to find out where other people stand with this book and their reaction to the author. If I had to recommend this book to someone, I would make sure that they were over the age of 18, there is a lot of swearing, some sexual references and just very dark and cruel intentions from the author.


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