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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Bristol Zoo - 22.08.16

I've debating whether or not I should write a blog post like this but I just thought why not? I figured that there might be a few people out there who could relate to a few of these 'problems'!

1/Customers grabbing our attention by either whistling at us or yelling "excuse me" from across the room. I've had one customer whistle at me like I was a dog.

2/When customers complain to you about the pricing of the food on the menu. It's got nothing to do with me!

3/Being completely over dramatic when complaining about your food.  I once asked a lady how her food was and she replied with "it's disgusting" It was so disgusting that she still decided to eat it.

4/Customers coming in and ordering food ten minutes before the kitchen closes.

5/When people assume that the chef is male.

6/Customers can walk into the building and have the choice to sit at 20+ clean tables and still decided to sit on a messy table. I have to say that this completely baffles me.

7/Doing a check back/sorting out a complaint with a customer who won't look at you in the eye when talking. I can't hear you when you're talking to the table!

8/When parents let their children run up and down the area. The staff will never and have never been responsible for your child/children so please keep them with you at all times. I was once carrying two large plates and had a small child run into me and hit me in my stomach. 

9/The petty complaints. "This ice cream is too hard for my child, I want a new one as she's finding it difficult to eat." 

10/Being treated as a servant rather than a server 

11/When you're dealing with a complaint and offer to get the customer something new/different/ and they don't want you anything. This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to the catering industry. A lot of the time we don't get annoyed when you're complaining to us (as long as you're not rude about them!) and we're fine dealing with them but when you complain and don't want us to do anything about it, it's actually rather frustrating! 

12/Tables being left in awful conditions. I get that there's always a few crumbs on a table when you've left after eating and the tables can be a bit wet form the glasses but when there's food all under the table and liquid all over the tables and on the chairs because someone has spilt a drink, that's when it's annoying. I once had to clean one table up where a child chewed up some gammon and spat it out onto the table.

13/Not knowing what table you're sat on so you just point in the general direction and say "oh just over there". There are 4 different tables in that direction, please be a little bit more specific!

14/Coming out on a Friday night which is usually the busiest night of the week and asking where your food is because it's been over twenty minutes and it's still not at your table.

15/The annoying 'jokes'.
Me: "Okay, so I've got the kids chicken dippers" 
One of the adults at the table: "Yeah, they're for me...only joking! HAHAHA." 

Me: "Are you all happy with your food so far?"
Customer: "No it's horrible, no it isn't, HAHA"

16/Trying to order a meal but changing pretty much everything on the plate that you've literally just created your own meal.

17/When customers try and get free food/drinks out of you

18/No one knows what heat is unless you've worked in a kitchen on a boiling hot day. You know it's bad when you find any excuse just to go into the freezer.

19/Doing a check back on a table and have no one pay you any attention.

Those are some of the 'problems' waitress/waitresses deal with when serving customers. Ever since I started working in the catering industry I always try and  be super nice when I go out for a meal as I completely understand what the staff have to do!


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