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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

All the way back in November I made a purchase on The Body Shop website during the Black Friday sale. I don't really treat myself to online shopping but seen as I worked hard that week I thought I would let my hair down a bit and did a spot of online retail therapy.

I popped a few items into my basket and then a little ad popped up on the side of the screen (don't worry, it wasn't one of those kinds of ads) stating that the Ginger Anti Dandruff shampoo was their number one best seller. I had been on the hunt for a cruelty free shampoo and didn't really think of The Body Shop because I did purchase some shampoo from there years ago and it did nothing for my hair, Actually, scrap that, it made my hair ten times worse. It would make my hair greasy the second I got out of the shower and it made my hair unmanageable. Ever since that, I refused to buy any other sort of hair stuff from TBS. Seeing as it had a five star review on the website I just thought why not to myself and added it to my cart.

Sounds sad but I was sort of excited to try it out when I finally received it. The first thing I do with any shampoo/conditioner is smell the actually product, sounds weird I know but it's just something I generally do and I fell in love with this scent. The smell is just pure and real ginger, there's no sweet scent to it to tone it down so if you're not a fan of ginger then I highly doubt you'll like this scent. I have to say that I did enjoy using it through December because my hair always smelled really Christmassy, ha.

The texture is quite gloopy when you squeeze it out onto your hand and I do find it quite hard to lather up in my hair when I first get going with it but my hair always feels amazing once it's been washed out - smells great too! A few days ago, my hair did get a bit flaky and I found that the shampoo wasn't actually doing anything which was a bit disappointing (but this wasn't the actual reason why I bought it, I just wanted to try out a cruelty free shampoo!) but I figured I must of been doing something wrong if everyone said that it worked for them.

The next time I got into the shower, I decided to wash my hair twice with the shampoo to see if it did anything different and it did! My hair was 100% flake free and still is to this day! With this shampoo, I don't feel my hair drying out or feeling limp or even adding extra oil to my hair which makes it perfect for daily use. When I popped this product into my basket I did wonder if they had a conditioner to go with it and did search for it online but couldn't find it but after using it, you don't really need a conditioner to use after it because I find that my hair is really soft and smooth - almost as if I had used a conditioner!

This is a shampoo that I will be going back to, it works wonders for my hair and is cruelty free, I just wish that it wasn't as expensive. It's £5 for a 250ml bottle but I feel like it would be better being £5 for a 500 ml bottle but seeing as it works well for my hair, I can't complain too much,

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