The Zoeva Haul

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

All the way back in November, I did a little purchase on the Zoeva website. I bought some stuff in the Black Friday sale but I didn't receive my items till early December which was very, very annoying. I couldn't wait till I got my items and couldn't wait to see how well they would blend, what the pigmentation is like and all the good stuff. I know the photo is pretty rubbish but you can just tell from the packaging that this is the real stuff when it comes to makeup - know what I mean?

One of the items I bought was the Coral Spectrum as I wanted some new blush and bronzer and thought I might as well get it one go. This palette contains 2 blushes and 2 bronzers so depending on your mood you can mix and match with this. My personal 2 favourites are the two on the right hand side as they are both quite subtle on my skin. The blush on the top left is very bright and I once applied too much and it pretty much turned both my cheeks red. It's probably because I'm use to wearing cheaper brands were you don't get much of a colour pay off, haha. The bronzer on the bottom left wold probably suit me more if I had a tan as it is quite dark but I can still make it work by just putting on the smallest amount and blending it like there's no tomorrow.

This is was the main reason why I couldn't wait for my delivery. I had been meaning to buy some more eye shadows palettes but I didn't know where to look then I read somewhere that Zoeva were doing discounts and also remembered that a lot of beauty bloggers raved about the Zoeva products. They had loads of palettes to choose from but a lot of them had colours that I wouldn't of worn because they wouldn't of complimented my eye colour, that and I would of been way too shy to wear them, I finally settled on the Rose Golden collection and oh my - have you seen anything more beautiful in your whole life? I know the photos are pretty shocking but believe me, the shades are beautiful.

I only really wear these eye shadows for a special occastion or for when I'm going somewhere nice. I still have my SEVENTEEN eye shadow palette and whilst it is a good palette it isn't a patch on Zoeva. These eye shadows are so pigmented and last a fair while as well. Which is something you would expect from a high end brand.

The only shade that I wouldn't really wear is Wonder Full as it does seem quite dark and I can't really think of an occasion as to when I would wear it. The other shades I would probably wear on a daily basis, some more than others mind you. So far I think my favourite shade is Copper is King but it might all change when I start to wear it more and get to know the colours. I've also recently started to blend Luster and Foil together. I'll apply Luster all over my eyelids and then apply Foil into the crease and I was pretty pleased with the results even though I am pretty much useless at applying makeup and most days I go out looking like a clown that's applied it's makeup in the dark.

I do plan on buying more stuff from the Zoeva website, I do think they are a brand that are worth investing in. The next thing I might try from them is a highlighter, I am very close to running out of my one and have been eyeing them up on the website for a while now so keep your eyes peeled as you might see another Zoeva haul soon!

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