The Zoeva Coral Spectrum

Monday, 16 January 2017

Seeing as I was pretty much out of bronzer and I was running a bit low on blush I thought I would treat myself to some new makeup. I've been applying makeup now for a good few years and I feel like I want to start to explore some of the higher end makeup. I think the next step for me is to purchase a high end foundation but that's another blog post. I'll be honest and say that when it comes to blush/bronzer I don't really know what I'm looking at as I'm not sure what really suits my skin type/colour but whilst on the Zoeva website I pretty much fell in love with this palette.

I decided to go for the Coral Spectrum palette from Zoeva as I was in a 'treat yo self' kind mood, I bought this all the way back on Black Friday so I did get a little bit of money knocked off which was a bonus.What made me go for the Coral Spectrum was the fact that you had the option of 2 colours you could use for blusher and two colours you could use for a bronzer.

In the palette, you get three matte shades and just one with a bit of shimmer to it. The one with the bit of shimmer to it is the bottom left bronzer and then obviously the other three are the matte shades and I personally think they are the ones you would use on a day to day basis giving you that natural look. However, the one on top left is one that I don't really wear, it is way too dark for my skin and I applied it one day and ended up looking like a china doll! I'm still trying to work out how I can wear it on a day to day basis but I think it would only suit me if I have darker skin so I'll just have to get myself a tan in the summer, ha,

The top two blushes are called (from left to right) CR010 and CR020 and the bottom two bronzers are called CR030 and CR040. My favourite two are probably CR020 and CR040 but I could totally understand if people weren't so keen on them because they're not as bright as the other two. I like to use CR030 if I'm going out somewhere nice because it's a darker shade and stands out more on my face when I apply it. The reason being why I use it for a special occasion is purely because it has a bit of a shimmer to it. My least favourite out of the four of them is CR010 because it is a bit dark for my skin but I figure if I'm going to wear only apply a really small amount to my brush.

Similar to the eye shadow palette, you don't get much excess when applying your brush to the shades so you don't get any excess makeup falling off when you apply it. Another thing that I would like to comment on is the packaging, oh my. It's so sleek and just by holding it you can tell that it's good quality stuff. I suppose it would be handy to have a mirror on the packaging but I can live without it. All the shades are long lasting and pigmented, although with the ligher shades depending on your skin colour you might have to reapply to get the desired look.

Overall, I am in love with this palette if you're looking for a new blush/bronzer palette then I would highly suggest this one!


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