Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb

Thursday, 12 January 2017

This is by far the most unique looking bath bomb I have seen by Lush. In fact, it's the most unique looking bath bomb I've ever seen from anyone. Which is kind of why it went straight into my basket on the Lush kitchen website - you should check it out! It's fun to see what new products they have.

When I opened up the box they sent me the products in, this was the first thing I could smell, The scent is really strong and very powerful and if I'm being really honest, I wasn't really keen on the smell but even if I had seen this in the store and still known the smell before buying it I probably would of still probably purchased it purely because of how it looks.

Out of all the bath bombs I bought online, this was the only one that came in some sort of packaging which you can see in the photos above. It did have a top half to it but because I was taking photos of it, I obviously took it off so you could get a better look at the product.

It's a fairly good sized bath bomb, probably medium size. I much prefer buying a medium/large bath bomb because I feel like you get more for your money but that's not to say that you don't get what you pay for when you purchase the smaller bath bombs.

Out of all the bath bombs that I bought, I probably got the most excited to try this bath bomb, which does sound really, really sad. I ran the bath full of water and then popped the bath bomb in. I had to keep the bottom half of the case on because I couldn't take it out without breaking it. As soon as it hit the water there was an explosion of smell. The only way to describe the smell is just say that it smells like a Lush store. I would say that the scent is more powerful in the water than out of the water but you do get use to the scent after a while and luckily I didn't have a headache when I had the bath so I could stay in for as long as I wanted to. Once it finally finished dissolving the water turned purple and there was a slight hint of glitter in the water but the glitter didn't stick to my body or to the bath tub which I was quite relieved about. It makes me so mad when the glitter sticks to the bath tub because I hate having to clean out the bath tub, it's the last thing I want to do when I get out the bath.

This is probably one of my favourite bath bombs I've used so far from Lush but this is in terms of the looks rather than the smell. On terms of physical appearance I would give it 5/5 and on terms of scent probably 3/5. I'm just glad that it didn't contain any cocoa butter because I cannot stand any bath product that contains the cocoa butter. Ew.

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