Golden Slumbers Review

Monday, 2 January 2017

I just want to completely apologise for the state of these photos. It was honestly a race against time because the sun was setting and the room was getting darker so this was the best I could do. I do suppose this one of the down sides to winter, not having enough time to take decent photos!

Ages ago I made a Lush Kitchen order and was very happy to receive the box from the post man. I only bought three items but was very happy with the three items that I had bought. The first product that I did use was a bath bomb called Golden Slumbers. Bath bombs and bubble bars are my favourite things from Lush as they have so many to choose from. I don't really tend to buy anything else apart from the bath products from Lush because I don't tend to get much joy from the other products but I'm not doubting that they work wonders!

As you can see from the photo that this is just a basic rounded bath bomb with a yellow colour to it but what you can't really see from the photos is how glittery and sparkly it was. It went well with the festive season because it was incredibly sparkley and it was the type leave a residue on your fingers after holding it.

I ran the water for my bath and let it fill halfway before popping in Golden Slumbers. Whilst it was in the water it fizzled up dramatically and went shooting round the bath tub making a really weird noise! With this bath bomb you noticed the scent before the actual bath bomb itself. On the website it states that it has a lavender scent but in all honesty all I could smell was liquorice which I don't have a problem with because I genuinely like the scent of liquorice.

So you can see from the photos that the water changes to a really deep yellow once it's in the water. This is probably my least favourite colour for the water to change because in all honesty it looks like someone has had a bit of an accident in the water. Even once it was fully dissolved the scent was really strong and you could pretty much smell it when standing on the hall in my house, it was that strong! However, I did find the scent to be quite relaxing although I do reckon that if I had a headache I would of found it hard to cope with but luckily I didn't have one.

The water was covered in glitter, there was literally so much and the yellow stained some of the bath whilst I was sitting in it, I even noticed that it started to leave a mark on my skin! On the bright side, once I drained the water there wasn't much of a mark and it seemed to wash away when I washed my hair with the shower. The only problem I had with it was the fact that it did leave a lot of glitter residue on the bottom of the bath tub but it only takes a few seconds to wash it away with the shower head.

I did enjoy using this bath bomb and I probably would buy it again but I did buy it on the Lush Kitchen website so who knows if I'll see it again, but I suppose that's what makes the website exciting, because every week or so you'll having something new to buy!

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