Why 2016 Was An Amazing Year

Friday, 30 December 2016

At the end of every year, I write up a summary of why that certain year was amazing. I honestly love writing these blog posts because it gives me a chance to reflect properly on the year I've just had. A lot of people tend to make jokes about 2016 being the worst year ever and I guess from the political side of things, indeed things haven't been that brilliant but for my personal and private life they have been amazing. A rocky bump towards the beginning of the year but after that I really have had an amazing year. I think what makes this year so great was the fact that I was able to do something every month which gave me something to look forward to. I'm pretty sure that November and March were the only months that I didn't really do much but I still had fun nonetheless.  So without further ado, here is why I've had an amazing 2016.


So if we go all the way back to January, I remember that I went to London for the day which was pretty decent. I didn't take any photos at the time because there wasn't really much to take photos off. Even though London is a beautiful city the places we visited weren't really 'Instagram or blog worthy'. Also, all the way back in January, this was were I started to get into driving a lot more. I can honestly say that my driving and my confidence has 100% improved. It was quite hard at the beginning because I had put off driving for so long I sort of had to teach myself some parts of driving. Not so much actually driving the car, because it is sort of like riding a bicycle, you never forget it was more the parking and hill starts that made me anxious. Over the year this has really improved although my parallel parking 'skills' need to be greatly improved!


My birthday month! This year I turned the big 2 1. This was the first birthday that in about 3 years that I was actually looking forward to (the last one being 18.) I worked on my actual birthday but the week after I had a trip up north to see my family and also do some shopping, I did some shopping at the Trafford Centre and also Cheshire Oaks and both places I spoiled myself rotten. We did also venture out into Manchester for a while but we spent most of our time at the shops! Next year I'm going to be turning 22 and I'm pretty excited for this birthday as well. My mindset is in a happier place which makes my life a lot better and I'm pretty darn excited for this birthday. If everything goes to plan then I'm hopefully making a trip or two to London!

Another thing that happened in February was that I went to go see Jenny Eclair and I have to admit that I didn't really laugh much because the sketch was around older women getting older and going through the menopause. Did I mention that I'm only 21?


Not much really happened in March, the only thing that I did do was go and see Russel Kane and had a really good time. I always get a bit anxious before seeing comedians because I'm always worried that the humor isn't really for me but when you're sitting with a large audience you tend to laugh with everyone else, even at things that aren't that funny but having said that, I did laugh at my own accord because I do find Russel Kane funny.


So back in April. me and my little travel buddy thought we would go down to Monkey World for the lols. Even though I'm not that keen on apes, I still like the smaller monkeys (hence why there isn't any chimps in the photo above - chimps really creep me out) Lemurs are probably my favourite type of monkey (if they are considered a monkey) I just like the fact at how chilled they are when the sun comes out. The one in the right hand corner is actually sunbathing! 

I would consider 5SOS one of my guilty pleasures. You know you're getting old when celebrities are younger than you! I managed to see 5SOS in Cardiff so during the day we did a bit of shopping and then went to see the boys in the evening. We stayed over in the Marriot hotel which is literally a stones throw away from the arena so if you're thinking of staying over in Cardiff then I do recommend the Marriot - it is a bit pricey but it is the best location in Cardiff.

Another place that I visited was Brighton! Brighton is slowly becoming one of my favourite places to visit (I think maybe Manchester and Liverpool are the top two!) We spent the day on the pier and had our lunch at the Harvester and then walked down the beach and couldn't really think of a better way to spend the day in Brighton.


During the month of May I spent two days in Bath which were also amazing. We spent the morning looking round the shops and then during the evening we visited the Roman Baths which was really interesting. I did visit the Baths years and years ago as a kid but I didn't remember any of it! The day after we had our breakfast at the Cosy Club and then looked round the shops again after that we went on one of those tour buses that took us round Bath. The main reason why we went on one of the tour buses was because we didn't want to carry all our bags round till we got on the train!


In June a few of us took a trip to Center Parcs and I had an incredible time! Unfortunalty the day we arrived was the only day that the sun was out and the rest of the week it pretty much rained but luckily there's still loads of stuff that you can do when it rains. I would love to go again next year or the year after but maybe this time during the Autumn. The sound of having a cosy night in by the fire at Center Parcs sounds amazing!


When leaving Center Parcs which was on 1st of July we popped over to Longleat and spent a few hours there before heading home.

Ahhh, back in July I got the chance to see Beyonce live! I was able to see her at Wembley Stadium and I had an incredible night. Out of all the people I've seen live I would have to recommend seeing Beyonce (Ed Sheeran is another artist I would recommend seeing live.) If I'm honest, I didn't want the concert to end! Here's to hoping I get the chance to see her again!

Also in July, I made a little trip down to Portsmouth and had a really good time - despite the fact that I found out that my car had failed its MOT. The weather was also amazing, I just remember it being boiling hot and we sat outside Pizza Express eating our lunch on the sea front. Bliss.

The final thing to happen in July was my blog's third birthday! If you told me when I first opened up my blog in 2013 that I would still be here blogging away on my little black laptop I probably would of laughed in your face because I assumed that after a week of blogging I would of gotten bored with it. I am so so so happy that I created my blog because I like to think I've come a long way with it and in some cases I am quite proud of my little blog.


My buddy and I visited Bristol Zoo in August which sounds like a lifetime ago now. The weather wasn't the best but the rain didn't stop us having a good time. Once we had gone round the entire zoo we had a lot of time to kill so we decided to go round again which I would recommend because it was much quieter that time round. We are actually able to stop at every animal and have a good proper look. It is probably best to go round the zoo during the afternoon when most people are finishing or you could go anti clockwise and avoid the big crowds but it would mean missing out on some of the feeding times.


Ever since leaving school and college, September is becoming one of my favourite months, everywhere is just so much more peaceful when everyone goes back to school/work. I also like the fact that even though there is a slight change in weather, it still can be pretty warm which is why we decided to go to Brighton in September. We thought it would be our last chance of going to Brighton with somewhat decent weather. This time round in Brighton, we sat on the beach for a bit and then headed off to the Lanes which was a nice change and also incredibly busy! We then sat on the beach again and had a late lunch before heading off home. I'm really hoping we can go to Brighton again in 2017!


During October we took a trip down to London and spent most of our time going around the museums. After having to be evacuated from the Natural History museum we thought we would walk up to Harrods and have a look round. At this point we were feeling a bit peckish and we decided that we would treat ourselves to some lunch at Harrods which was possible the worst idea possible because the meal at The Disney Cafe was an absolute disappointment. At the time we were pretty annoyed about it but now we just laugh about it and it's something to tell the grand kids, ha. I guess the lesson we learnt was that sometimes you don't always get what you pay for. Next time we're in London, we'll just go to McDonalds instead!

Also in October I had a little shopping trip to the Bullring in Birmingham. I didn't take my camera with me as I didn't see much point in doing so as we there just for the shopping! The only thing that was worth taking a photo off was the giant burger I had ordered at Handmade Burger co. I would highly recommend eating there as it was good value for money and everything just looked so delicious. 


November was quite a quiet month and I didn't make any little trips out, I spent November working and doing my Christmas shopping and I was pretty much finished with my shopping by December! 


During this month on the 17th, my mother and I went to the Horse Show in London. My mother has always wanted to go to a horse show and last year she wanted to go this show and asked me but it took me a while to say yes to it and when I finally agreed to wanting to go, it had sold out! I felt extremely bad for taking my time to answer so when the opportunity came round again I said yes straight away. I'm not a massive fan of horses but I still had a pretty good time, I did enjoy seeing the Shetland Ponies! They were so cute!

Obviously this month I celebrated Christmas Day and Boxing Day and had a really good time. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day working and was very excited for Boxing Day as it was my first day off and decided to spend some of it shopping the sales!

I hope you've all had an amazing 2016 and I wish you are your families good fortune and good health for 2017!


  1. I too think it's great to look back at all the positives in the year! http://noregrets-justmemories.blogspot.com.au/

    1. It certainly is great to do so! I find that it makes me really grateful when I reflect on the years I have :)



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