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Friday, 16 December 2016

Really sorry about the bad photo!
A few nights ago, I ended up making a purchase on the Lush kitchen website. I've gone onto the website a few times but never purchased anything because majority of the things that I wanted were out of stock. All that changed the other night when I managed to get my hands on a few things. I've gone into Lush a million times and I see the same bath stuff all the time so I thought that I would buy myself a few new things that I hadn't seen/used before. I thought in this blog post I would show you all what I bought myself - oh and I only bought three items because I'm trying to save money!

Golden Slumbers: £4.25

The first item that I purchased is a bath bomb called Golden Slumbers, the only thing that really drew me to it was the tag line that reads: sleep soundly. It scent is quite strong and it say that it has a lavender scent but I only get a scent of liquorice when I smell it which I don't really mind because I love the smell and taste of it, haha. It's just a typical rounded bath bomb, yellow in colour and has a bit of a sparkle to it.

Cyanide Pill: £3.95

I feel like I have seen this bath bomb before, does anyone know if it was out this year or the year before? This is the Cyanide Pill and I was only drawn to it because of the name, haha. I'm excited to use this one because apparently both the colours of the pill do different things and I'm excited to see what they will do when they dissolve into the water. I will say that I'm not that keen on the scent as I find it to be quite a 'woody' scent but luckily it's not that overpowering.

Sacred Lotus - £4.25

Okay this one I'm really excited to use. It just looks so pretty! And that's the main reason why I wanted to try it out, haha. The only problem with this bath bomb is that out of the three that I have purchased, this is the one with the scent that I like the least but on the other hand, I think this one looks the best. It came in a little plastic container to prevent it from getting smashed in delivery.

Overall, I'm really happy with the Lush Kitchen website and I will buy more from the website as it's interesting to see what changes every other week. I don't plan on buying anything more just yet, I'll probably wait till I've used all of these bath bombs up before purchasing any new ones. The delivery didn't take that long either, I purchased everything on the Friday and I recieved it all on the Tuesday so considering that we're in December and it's almost Christmas, it didn't take that long. I've also seen the website where you can vote for things you want to see in the upcoming weeks and I voted for 4 different bath bombs (I think 4 is the maximum.)  So hopefully I'll see them soon online so I can purchase them!

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