The Body Shop Black Friday Haul

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

I just want to apologise for the really bad photo. I did take another one but you could see me in the reflection of the photo! I know you can see me in this one but it's nowhere near as bad as the other and I've used some of the products so I'm unable to retake the photo!

All the way back on Black Friday I did a spot of online shopping. I'm going to admit that I hardly do online shopping, in fact, I don't really do much shopping at all. I spend most of my money on petrol and on food! I thought I would treat myself as it was Friday and I had got paid on that day as well. Getting paid on Black Friday is quite a lethal combination but I managed to restrain myself. Online The Body Shop had 40% off and free delivery if you spent over a certain amount of money so I just thought why not!? In total I bought 5 products (one of them is for my boyfriend but I didn't want to post photos of it on my blog in case he looked at my blog) and including the discount and free delivery it came to just under £20 which I think is a pretty good steal if you ask me.

One of the things that I had purchased was the Seaweed Oil Balancing Toner and I thought it would be a good product when added with the day cream that I bought from TBS. I'm running low on my Pixi toner and whilst I do love that toner, it is pretty pricey so I thought I would go for a cheaper alternative and see if it's as good as the Pixi toner. I did have this toner years ago when it was the original packaging so I'm eager to see if it's still as good as before. I also have a feeling that it didn't really help with taking all your makeup of before but now on the label it does mention that it helps to remove everything which is one of the reasons why I bought it.

This was the first thing to go into my basket, it does look weird but it's designed to help wash your makeup brushes. I am awful when it comes to washing brushes, I hardly wash them which is very naughty of me because it is pretty gross letting all the bacteria build up on your brushes. In fact, I actually can't remember when I last washed them! Before writing this post I used this to wash my brushes and it made it ten times easier and quicker. There's a slot at the bottom of the product where you place to fingers and then you rub the brushes onto the grooves. I put a bit of conditioner onto it to help wash my brushes even more and it honestly didn't take me long to do it. Fingers crossed that it'll motivate me to wash my brushes a lot more!

I'm very lucky with my skin because I don't get breakouts all that often, the only spots I really get are the big painful ones that tend to come once a month...These spots always take forever to disappear and both my spot creams don't really do much so I thought I would give this product a go. It's gotten a lot of really good reviews on TBS website so I thought why not. I'll probably do a review later on to see how I get on with it. I also read one review that mentions that redness and scarring reduces quite a bit when this is applied so fingers crossed it works!

This is supposedly the best seller for TBS so I thought I would give it a go. I only really suffer with dandruff when there's a change in the weather which is really odd. During the summer I work in quite a hot environment and that's when my scalp goes a bit OTT and my scalp can get very itchy and every time I scratch my head I'm always worried that I've caught nits from someone, haha. I did try some of TBS shampoo before (you can read it on my blog somewhere) but I didn't get a long with it at all. I also read some of the reviews on that certain shampoo and a few other people said they didn't get a long with it so I'm glad that I'm not the only one. Once I start to use this shampoo I'll probably write a review about how I got a long with it!

I'm really happy that I managed to get quite a good bargain with TBS, I know I stopped buying from them for a few years but I want to get back into their products. I've always liked the fact that everything is cruelty free and they support other people in different countries and things like that. They're also pretty generous with their website, they always seem to have an offer on, At the moment you can get free delivery and £25 off when you spent £50 which I reckon I could easily do. It's a good place to do some Christmas shopping! Also, if you write a review on one of their products they give you 25% off code! How generous is that?

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