Sunday Summary 23

Sunday, 18 December 2016

This is an incredibly old school photo of my cat all the way back in 2014 when I use to take all my blog photos on my iPad!

It's not that long till Christmas!! Are you all ready for Christmas? I think I am, I just need to wrap all my presents, although I always feel like I haven't bought people enough presents so whenever I'm out and about and spot something nice I always end up buying it for someone. I have easily spent over £125 on Christmas presents for my loved one this year. That's crazy!

Even though we're very close to Christmas, I don't feel that Christmassy, I think it's because I started to listen to Christmas songs in September so the novelty has worn out for me. I'm still looking forward to the food though! Just the thought of the Christmas Day meal we're going to have is making my stomach rumble.

The most exciting thing that's probably happened to me this week was nabbing some Adele tickets on Friday the 10th (this post is written in a week advance because I'm so busy these couple of weeks!) I remember being sat on my laptop about 30 minutes before they went on sale and being so nervous, haha. I had to get three tickets and felt like I had so much pressure on me to buy them. They went on sale at 10 and I felt like it was a race against time as I chose how many tickets I wanted and the types of seats we wanted, I chose three different seat types and waited till some came up, I was probably waiting for about 3 minutes before three tickets came up for me to buy or I could of waited to see if they had any other seats. I decided to get them because who knows, they might of all gone if I had said no to the first lot of tickets. I'm just very happy to be going now!

I might have to start watching some Christmas related films soon as it really isn't that long till Christmas Day. I'm not a massive fan of Elf so I think I might to watch the Nativity collection, the second one is probably my favourite! Although I did see the Christmas Office Party about a week ago at the cinema, it was pretty funny although I left the cinema thinking that there wasn't really much point to the film but I still had a few laughs from it!

It's suddenly just hit me that this is going to be the last Sunday Summary of 2016. Woah, it's pretty scary when you think about it, 2016 is going to be over in just a few weeks then we have a brand new year to enjoy and fill it with happy memories. I know a lot of people say that 2016 has been one of the worst years but for my personal life, 2016 has been one of the best years ever. I've done so much this year, from visiting places for the day and exploring them, gaining my confidence with driving, going on a holiday without my parents and seeing Beyone live! I never once thought that I would get the chance to see Beyonce live!

I plan on doing a 'why 2016 was a great year' soon but I'm probably going to plan to write it in a few days because even though it's one of my favourite blog posts to do, it does take me a very long time to write it. I have to reflect on 12 whole months!

Seeing as I won't probably be doing a Sunday Summary blog post again in December, I just want to wish you all an amazing Christmas!

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