My Truest Christmas Wish List

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

**Photo is not mine and is taken from tumblr**

I pretty much told everyone what I would like for Christmas during October so everyone had enough time to get everything ready before the shops got to hectic. Which is why I did most of my Christmas shopping before December, I think it was during the end of September when I started doing my Christmas shopping which I would 100% recommend because I pretty much finished during November which gave me plenty of time to get myself sorted before the big day. I was reading through some blog posts a while ago and I saw one blog post in particular from RAWR BOWS that I thought was really interesting. The blog post was pretty much about what Ariadna would really want for Christmas even though it's pretty much impossible and I thought this was a brilliant blog post! It was so good that I thought I would give it a go and share with you all what I would really really want for Christmas.

1/To get the right amount of sleep each and every night so when I wake up I'm fully rested and ready to go.
2/To have a happy and healthy future.
3/To be given the chance to settle down and have children at some point in my life.
4/Be able to visit other countries
5/For this whole Brexit thing to work out in our favour
6/The pricing of housing and renting to go down so my generation can actually afford to live/rent somewhere
7/To be able to be fluent in another language.
8/Go back to school for maybe a week with my current mindset and see how I react to everything/everyone. I would consider myself a lot more wiser now then when I was back in school!
9/To maybe have a quick peak into my future for about 5 minutes and see how everything is going.
10/For all my friends and family to be happy and healthy.
11/To spend just another 10 minutes with my cat who passed away in February. I still think about him somedays.
12/To just have fun with my life

I think out of all of them number 10 is really important to me as I do honestly wish that all my friends and family have good health and are very happy with whatever their doing. I know some of these will probably never happen but nonetheless it is something that I personally think would be incredible, especially pricing of housing to go down, ha. That'll never happen!

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