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Thursday, 22 December 2016

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Hello everyone,

Hope you're all in the festive spirit because it seriously isn't that long till Christmas! I think the one thing that I'm looking forward to is the food. If I could then I would of inserted the heart eyed emoji a million times. I think it's the one time of the year were we can just stuff our faces for the entire day and no one says anything. *sighs* Why can't every day be like Christmas Day when it comes to food?

Seeing as Christmas is literally just around the corner I thought I would share with you all what Christmas is like in my household. I always find it so interesting to find out what people do on Christmas and how they tend to celebrate the festive seasons. When I started work two years ago, I had no idea that people actually go out on Christmas Eve for food, my first Christmas Eve at work was all the way back in 2014 and was honestly surprised that people would come out for a meal and then stay for hours and hours just sitting with their friends, eating food and drinking drinks.

Here's a little timeline of what actually happens at Christmas in my house/work!

8 AM: For the past two years I normally wake up around 8ish to get ready for work and go and see who's awake in my house, It's funny to think that 10 - 15 years ago I would of woken up at 5 am and it was probably the only day at that age where I wanted to wake up. Oh, how times have changed,

9:30 AM: I'll probably have some breakfast with my family and if they weren't awake before then I probably would of woken them by now, ha,

11 AM: This is time that I start work on Christmas Day and while some people might despise the thought of working on Christmas Day, I actually really enjoy it. Everyone is in such a good mood and time flies. It's also nice spending Christmas Day with my colleagues as well as my family. We also use to open up our Secret Santa presents just before we actually start to work as well but I'm not very good at keeping it all a secret and usually tell the person that I bought them the present as soon as they've opened it. Whilst I'm at work my family stay at home and start to cook the meal and they probably also wack out a game of Scrabble to pass the time, haha.

3 PM: This is when I should be finishing work but sometimes it can be a bit later depending on how busy we are. It doesn't bother me though because like I said before, everyone is in a really good mood. I'll walk home and everywhere is extremely quiet and everything is just so still, it really is quite peaceful. Once I get home, I'm welcomed to the smell of the Christmas meal that we're going to eat and oh my God, it's amazing. If Yankee candle sold that smell as a candle I would 100% buy it.

5 PM: This is probably when we start to eat our meal and pull our crackers and wear those ridiculous paper hats they give you. Oh and we tend to tut at the appalling jokes you're given in the crackers as well, I swear they get worse every year.

6 PM: Present time! We finally get around to opening our presents. If you told me that as I child that I would have to open my presents in the evening I would of classed it as pure torture. Weirdly, I like opening my presents in the evening because I find that Christmas is kind of over when you open all your presents during the morning.

7 PM: This is probably when we start to watch the telly as a family and start to watch the soaps and all the Christmas related things. We also might play a few games whilst waiting for something to watch. When I was back at school/college we use to start a game of Monopoly when we broke up for Christmas and carry it all the way through till the New Year. Monopoly is all fun and games till someone buys Mayfair. I'm not even ashamed to admit that Monopoly causes me a lot of stress and sometimes I even feel like crying when I play.

Playing games and watching the telly tends to go on till we're tired and want to go to bed. I use to hate Boxing Day as a kid because it meant that Christmas was well and truly over. Now, I actually enjoy it because I have that day off and I can spend it with my family whether it's going to the shops and spending my Christmas money or just staying in and watching movies for the entire day.

How do you spend Christmas Day?

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