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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Morning everyone!

Ooh, it's rather chilly this morning, my hands are very cold; I might have to put my gloves on soon!

A couple of weeks ago I was having a little wander around T.K. Maxx when I spotted a red and blue tube on a shelf. It immediately caught my eye and I was interested in what it was so I went over to it. It was a Quick Fix Facial that was tailored for dry and dull looking skin (I think, it was something like that) and it claimed to make your skin look a lot brighter and more hydrated. My first thought was "if only they had one for oily skin!" and low and behold they did. I just knew that I had to get it, it was a bit of a bargain at just £2.99 which I thought it was pretty cheap.  When I got home I was eager to try it so I did a bit of googling to find out some more information about it. I saw that you could get it online at Boots; however it was a bit more expensive, I'm pretty sure that it was priced at £4.99.

What it says on the back

"Problem skin? Need a quick fix? Here's the soloution - wonder masks are packed with hero ingredients to effortlessly and efficently banish everyday skin issues"

The Problems: Excess oil, congested, blemish prone skin or a general combinational skin type.

The Solutions: 

Dead Sea Mud: helps absorb and control oil production
Salicylic Acid: helps draw out impurities and tighten the pores
Tea Tree Oil: help to treat spots and prevent future blemishes

What I think

Okay, so reading the back it sounds like a little miracle worker because it claims to do quite a lot. Suffering with a few oily patches on my skin I was very eager to try it out and couldn't wait to see the results after I had washed it off. When I first tried it, I followed the directions; washed my face, applied it to my face and waited for 10 minutes. So off I went to watch The X Factor and waited for it to dry. 10 minutes later I went up to the bathroom to wash it off. I used warm water to wash it off with a flannel. When it had all come off I noticed that I my face was red I just thought "well I have just scrubbed it off so my face is  bound to be a little bit red" and went back downstairs to watch the X Factor. A little while after my face started to feel a bit tight. I looked in the mirror and my face was still bright red. My face continued to hurt and feel tight for about twenty minutes. I just assumed that my face was feeling tight and hot because I had the fire on and just thought that having the face mask on whilst being in a very hot room just made my face a little red and made it hurt.

I tried it again but this time I only focused on my oily parts (nose and chin) and left it on again for ten minutes and after washing it off my face was still red and still hurt. 

I hate to say it but I have to give the product two thumbs down. I wanted skin that would feel cleaner, pores tighter and overall less spotty. In the end all I got was a very red, very sore and very tight face.

Benefits of the doubt

1. The packaging is very eye catching so whoever designed the packaging has done a very good job, it stands out when next to a lot of beauty products.

2. It says that you can get 10 facials out of it. If it doesn't cause any problems to your face and it does what it says on it; then this is a very good bargain. Especially if you get it at £2.99 like I did.

Bad bits

1. Having a very very red face afterwards. A sun burnt looking face isn't what I was hoping for when I applied the product.

2. Having a very very sore/tight face. I hate having to sit with a face that's sore for about twenty minutes, not what I wanted.

3. I didn't really notice much of a difference to my face. 

In this case with this product, beauty does not equal pain. I would rather pay a little bit more money for a product that actually works and doesn't leave my face feeling tight and looking bright red than to buy a cheaper product that doesn't do what it says. 

Of course I know that it might just be my face that had an allergic reaction and the product itself might be the best thing since slice bread but I just had such high hopes for it.

Have you tried this product? 

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