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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Hello everyone!

Last Monday me and my sister went into town after college and we both accidentally started to buy stuff, even though it's coming up to Christmas and we should really be buying stuff for other people and not ourselves...whoops!

We only went into Primark and Miss Selfridge so it's only going to be a little haul.


Me and my sister both fell in love with these sunglasses, I mean just look at them! They're gorgeous! We both fell in love with the price tag as well. At just 50p we both had to get them. They're going to be perfect for the summer. They should of been £3 which is still a bargain but at 50p you would be silly not to get them!

I also ended up getting these rings. On the packet it claimed to adjust to different sizes so it's suppose to be a 'one size fits all' type of thing. The only problem is is that you can only make the rings bigger not smaller. So if you have thin fingers ( like mine ) these probably won't fit you and would keep slipping off when you're walking around. You got 4 in a packet but the reason I only have 3 is because my Grandad is trying to fix  one of the rings to try and see if he can make it any smaller, haha. I hope he can because at 50p for 4 rings it is a bit of a bargain! I also think that for a packet of 4 it was £3 which is still a bargain but for 50p you can't go wrong!

How cute are these!? I've been dying to get some more pjs but I don't want to be spending loads of money on them, after all I am only going to wear them at night. Biggest lie ever as I wear pjs as soon as I get in from college. It was love at first sight when I saw these little cuties. How could you not resist getting these?! They're just adorable and at just £5 it is a steal! They also had a top to go with it but I wasn't too bothered by it at the time but I think I may have to go back and get it because it was so cute! The fabric on these are so soft, I've felt some of the Primark pjs and some of them feel very...rough? They sort of felt like paper in a way and it didn't feel comfortable at all.

Miss Selfridge

I love these rings! I can't stop wearing them! These rings were in the sale at £1.75 ( I think ) and I just had to get them. It's 3 midi rings, one is a cute little bow, another is shaped as a K and the last one is two hearts. I'm a little bit upset about the bow one though, it's too big and sometimes it slips off.

What's your favourite item?


  1. The Primark rings are so cute, they make such a statement!
    KJ xo

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