Advice To My Younger Self

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Morning everyone!

What a cold and rainy week we're having. I'm pretty sure that it's rained for the entire week so far. With it being my sisters birthday approaching very fast it makes me think back to when I was her age. She will be turning 17 next week ( making her 16 now, obviously ) and I just can't help but think back to how different things were when I was her age.
Some of you may know that I'm 18 and yes I know, there is only a 2 year age gap between someone who is 16 and someone who is 18, however, I feel that there is a massive difference between these two ages. For example, in the U.K. an 18 year old is classed as an adult ( I can't really believe that I am classed as an adult, I still feel and look like a 14 year old ) you can pretty much do whatever you want as an 18 year old. You can: vote, drink, buy alcohol, buy cigarettes, get married without parents permission and there's still more that you can do.

For today's post I wanted to do an 'Advice To My Younger Self' post.

1. They don't like you? So what?

When I was at school I just felt that I had to be friends with everyone and I hated it when one of my friends would stop talking to me because I upset them with something I had said/do. When I found out that this particular girl who I classed as a friend stopped speaking to me because I didn't feel comfortable with telling her stuff about my personal life I was extremely apologetic to her. This went on for ages, I would ask what did I do that had upset her and kept saying sorry over and over again and in the end I just felt really bad and just wished it had never happened. Looking back at it now, I made all the effort to apologise to her but she wouldn't have any of it. If I could go back to being 13/14 again I would just literally say to myself "stuff her, you're making all the effort to apologise to her and she won't even acknowledge it, plus, it's up to you whether or not you tell someone about YOUR personal life". 

2. Getting a bad grade in one test does not mean you're a failure!

I can't stress this enough! Especially when it's one of those tests just to see how well you're doing in class. Who actually cares if you get a bad grade? It's not like it's a GCSE or an A Level ( exams you take when you're in school and college ). I use to get so down once I realised that I got a bad grade in a test. I would laugh and joke about it with my friends and say things like " oh, I'm so stupid". But deep down I was a little bit dissapointed with my grade. If I could go back and tell myself something it would probably be "Just relax! It didn't count for anything and when you have to take an exam that actually means something then revise like crazy!"

3. Just be you!

When you're 16 and younger I feel like this is the advice that everyone tried to ram down you're throat. Especially in those teen magazines that would tell you to just be you and then on the next page it would tell you how to make yourself seem cool in front of your crush. Excuse me? You just told me to be myself and now you're telling me to change how I look/what I do just so I can get some boys to notice me?!
I was a little bit embarrassed by the music that I liked, the stuff I watched and the clothes that I wore. I never really going into the latest music or the latest clothes until I was around 17ish. This one girl wouldn't listen to music that had been out for about two years because it was old or wear clothes more than maybe 5 times because she thought it was old. If I could turn back time ( Cher fan anyone? ) I would just simply say "do what you want to do and don't listen to anyone else, it's your life not theres, so just do whatever you want to do."

4. Avoid bitchy people!

Bitchy people ( mainly girls ) were one the most annoying things at school. You go to school to focus on your learning, get a good education and get good grades. You don't go to school just so you can spread rumors, gossip about people and just be a plain bitch. If I talk to my 16 year old self I would just say "if you feel like there's going to be a massive bitch fight then just simply avoid it, you'll get caught up in it will probably go on for weeks

5. Stop thinking about your face!!

This one sounds weird I know but I feel it has to be said. When you're a teenage you're hormones go absolutely crazy and you will get spots. Everyone gets them and everyone wants to avoid them. However, I feel that when you're a teenager you can't really avoid getting spots as it's just part of life. I think you could use a million face masks and toners and what not but you're simply just going to get spots. My advice is just "grab some witch hazel and concealer and you're good to go!"

6. Take as many opportunities as you can!

What I'm simply saying is just try and say yes to as many things as you can, whether it's going for the role of a prefect or going on school trips or whatever. Do as many as these things as you can just to create some memories or stories that you can look back on in life and maybe even tell them to the grand kids? Haha. 

7. Don't compare yourself to others!

I probably should of made this number one as I think it's very important not to compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself to other people can just make you feel extremely low and life is too short to be feeling that way. I think this can be applied to pretty much everything like: how many boyfriends you've had, what kind of grades you're getting, if they're a better driver than you. Just don't compare your life to somebody else's life. Life isn't a competition.  A lot of teachers push you to do well in life and as much as everyone wants to do well in life I just think it's important to be happy in life. If you're happy working as a waitress and living in a little flat with a cat then just stuff everyone else. So what if they've got 3 cars, living in a mansion with bags load of money; all that matters in life is that you're comfortable and happy. Live life with your definition of happiness.

8. Stop procrastinating!

This still can be applied to me right this minute. I have some homework that I should really be getting on with right now but instead I'm writing this blog post...
Okay, so maybe at this moment in time I am being a little bit hypercritical but I WILL do my homework right after this blog post, or maybe after I've watched some of The L Word..
Just don't leave everything to last minute, you'll get stressed about it because you worry about timing, you might not even know what you're doing and you may even just mess it up. Even when it came to driving lessons and learning my theory test. Just get it done. I put of my theory test and driving test for such a long time, I only passed my driving test and theory test this year when I'm pretty sure that I could of easily done it last year.

9. If a friend keeps treating you badly, get out of that friendship - quick!

I regret this one so bad and wish I got out of the friendship(s) quicker. I still keep thinking about this even thought it happened about 2/3 years ago. I recently stopped talking to someone who I use to call a friend but they would always stand me up, pick boyfriends over me and just didn't treat me the way I treated her. Looking back at it now I feel like I put 100% into our friendship where as she probably put only 50% or even 25% looking back at it now. Even my mum made a few comments about her and how she wasn't treating well. You know when a friendship has gone right down hill when your mother starts commenting about it. I wish I'd actually listened to my mum instead of just thinking that she would be nicer to me the next day; after all, mums do know best.


My biggest worry at school was wondering if things would be okay. I would always worry about passing my GCSE's ( I think that schools put FAR TOO MUCH pressure onto kids now. ) my school pretty much told us that if we failed our exams it would be the end of the world. I failed my maths exam when I was 16 so I went to the college and spoke to them about it and was pretty shocked that you could re take GCSE's there. If my school had told us that from the beginning then maybe I wouldn't of had a lot of pressure and then maybe JUST MAYBE  I could of passed that damn maths exam first time round. 

That's the end of my 'advice I would give to my younger self' post. It's a very long one and I highly doubt any of you have read it all from top to bottom. Brownie points if you did though ;)

What advice would you give to your younger self?


  1. this is so sweet, kyla!
    to me, personally no. 6 is really important;
    "Take as many opportunities as you can!"
    I keep avoiding things outside of my comfort zone, but i desperately want to stretch it as far as possible now.
    You only live once so we should try to experience as many things as possible.
    "Just say yes" from Snow patrol is the perfect song to get me in the mood for adventures and dares.
    Id love for you to check out my blog as well :)

    1. Awh thank you for the comment! It was worth spending an hour on it just to see one comment! I'm similar to you as well, I don't like stepping out of my comfort zone but I think it's about time that I did as I'm missing out on some good opportunities! x

  2. That's amazing! You've got no idea of the impact that those words can cause to people! Thank you. (: x

    1. Thank you so so so much for your comment! Reading comments like these gives me little butterflies in my tummy! Haha x


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