Review | The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser & Facial Brush

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I bought this item from The Body Shop agggeeess ago and I've been using it most morning and nights for the past month. Seeing as I've been using it for a while I thought it would be an excellent chance to give it a review. 

What it says: "Instant foam removes impurities and excess oil, for clearer looking skin"
"Instant foam gently cleanses without over drying skin. Breakouts are minimised with regular use. With organic tea tree oil."

What I think: In my opinion this is probably the best product I have ever used on my face. I personally think that I haven't been breaking out as much plus, my skin does look and feel a lot fresher. I think the bonus for me is the fact that it removes excess oil, my skin type is combination; I have an oily t zone area (my nose is the worse) but the rest of my skin is just normal. 
The best bit about the product is the fact that it's a foam cleanser and not gel. I really don't like applying gel to my face, I just find that it can get a bit sticky and I don't really fancy rubbing it all on my face. The foam just simply glides over your face. It comes with a handy pump which makes it easier to apply, you only really need to pump it once to have enough product for your entire face.
It has a pleasant smell, not too overpowering which makes it better to apply to your face (I've tried some products and they've had a really strong smell, not pleasant at all) 

Overall: I am very satisfied with this product and I would recommend it if you're someone who suffers from breakouts every now and then. It's also a resonable price at just £5, but I ended up getting it at just £2.50 which is such a bargain, especially with it being 150 ml. I've been using it for about a month and I've still got loads to use.

I sometimes change how I apply this product, most mornings I just use my fingers to apply and rub into the skin, or apply with my fingers and use a facial brush.

I ended up buying this nifty little thing as well as the foaming cleanser. I had seen it in a magazine as the cheapest alternative for getting clearer looking skin. The other alternatives was buying products which were up to £100 - no thank you! 

What it says: "This hygienic, compact brush lightly exfoliates and stimulates circulation, improving skin tone and texture. For best results use with The Body Shop facial washers and cleansers. Rinse and stand in protective cap after use." 

What I think: It definitely is a cheaper alternative to get glowing skin, it was priced at £4 but because The Body Shop near me always has offers on I ended up paying only £2 - bargain! The brush does feel nice whilst you massage it into your skin but only use it lightly as it can feel a little rough if you apply much pressure onto it. I only use it on my t zone area, I tend to break out mostly on my chin and forehead. I do think it has reduced the scarring on my chin from where previous spots have been which is an added bonus, I've had some scarring on my chin for months and they didn't seem to go. I would recommend not to use it under the eye area, this is the most delicate part of your face and it thought of using it under your eye makes me shudder. The size of it also makes it travel friendly, you can just pop it in your make up bag without it taking up a lot of room.

The down sides are: It leaves your face looking a little red after use which is why I don't use it in the morning, or when I do use it in the morning it's hours before I have to go somewhere.
The other downside is the the actual shape, not the shape of the brush but the part where you hold it. It's a little awkward to use, especially if you want to use it on your nose. I think if they had changed the design to something where you put your finger through so it's a little bit like a ring, it would make it a lot easier to use.

Overall: After using this little face brush for a month or so, I do feel like my skin looks a lot better, and the scarring on my chin has gone down a lot. It's also good for unclogging clogged pores. If you're looking for something that helps you achieve glowing skin then I recommend this, at such a cheap price you'd be silly not to buy it!

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